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Excellence in Research

At the University of Essex, we pride ourselves on the breadth of research areas that we focus on. As a dual-intensive University, our research tackles a range of subjects and areas across multiple disciplines and breaks the boundaries of what we currently know. We impact globally the way people think and behave and pride ourselves on interdisciplinary study and activism.

Within our three faculties we have some of the most highly-rated research centres in the country with scholars asking critical questions and challenging conventions with their research. 

Our research institutes

Our research centres and areas of study


Areas, clusters, hubs and groups

Areas, clusters and hubs Department, Faculty or Institute
Digital Cultural and Creative Research Network (Area) Humanities lead alongside all Faculties

Digital Humanities (Area)


Health and Medical Humanities (Area) Humanities and Social Sciences
Business Law (Cluster) Law
Human Rights (Cluster) Law
Public Law (Cluster) Law
Criminal Justice (Cluster) Law
Health Law (Cluster) Law
Law and Technology (Cluster) Law
Socio-Legal Studies (Cluster) Law
Ecocriticism, Green Writing, and Literary Geographies Literature, Film and Theatre Studies
Essex Armed Conflict and Crisis (Hub) Human Rights Centre
Essex Business and Human Rights (Group) Human Rights Centre
Race, Gender and Identity (Cluster) History
Political Cultures, Class and Citizenship (Cluster) History
War, Conflict and Memory (Cluster)
Medical Humanities (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Philosophy)
Self-consciousness and self-knowledge (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Philosophy)
Feminism, Race and Gender (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Philosophy)
Classical German Philosophy (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Philosophy)
Phenomenology and Existentialism in Philosophy (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Philosophy)
Critical Theory in Philosophy (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Philosophy)
The Social and Political implications of art, architecture and visual culture (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Art History)
Space, Place and Locale (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Art History)
Art produced beyond its historic institutions (Cluster) Philosophy and Art History (Art History)

 Philosophy and Art History (Art History)
 Philosophy and Art History (Art History)

Science and Health

Areas, groups and labs

Areas, Groups and Labs Department, Faculty or Institute
Ecology and Environmental Microbiology (Group) Life Sciences
Genomics and Computational Biology (Group) Life Sciences
Plant Productivity (Group) Life Sciences
Protein Structure and Mechanisms of Disease (Group) Life Sciences
Data Science (Group) Mathematical Sciences
Mathematics (Group) Mathematical Sciences
Thinking about the World (Area) Psychology
Interacting with the World (Area) Psychology
Experiencing the World (Area) Psychology
Babylab (Lab) Psychology
Artificial Intelligence (Group) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Brain-computer interfaces and neural engineering (Group) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Communications and Networks (Group) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Robotics and Embedded Systems (Group) Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Intelligent Connected Societies (Group)  Centre for Computational Intelligence
Smart Health Technologies (Group) Centre for Computational Intelligence
Mental health and psychological wellbeing (Area) Health and Social Care
Research for public and patient benefit (Area) Health and Social Care
Social policy and social care (Area) Health and Social Care
Health professions education (HPE) and workforce development research (Area) Health and Social Care
Health Exercise and Active Lifestyle (Group) Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
Sports Performance (Group) Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
Development of Young People through Sport (Group) Sport Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences

Social Sciences

Groups, labs and networks

Clusters, Groups, Labs and Networks Department, Faculty or Institute
Applied Economics (Cluster) Economics
Econometrics (Cluster) Economics
Macroeconomics (Cluster) Economics
Microeconomics (Cluster)


Accounting (Group) Essex Business School
Finance (Group) Essex Business School
Management and Marketing (Group) Essex Business School
Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship (Group) Essex Business School
Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management (Group) Essex Business School
BAFA Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies (Group) Essex Business School
Bilingualism Matters (Network) Part of Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi)
Research in Primary Languages (Network) Part of Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi)
African Language Research (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
Early Language Development (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
English Language Teaching Research (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
Experimental Linguistics (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
Language Decline: Attrition, Ageing and Impairments (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
Language, Policy and Multilingualism  (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
Language Variation, Identity and Interaction (Cluster) Language and Linguistics
Linguistic Diversity and Theoretical Linguistics (Cluster)
Language and Linguistics
Second Language Learning and Teaching (Cluster)
Language and Linguistics
Research in Primary Languages (RiPL) (Network)
Language and Linguistics
Bilingualism Matters @EastofEngland (Network)
Language and Linguistics
Social divisions and economic life (Cluster) Sociology
Culture, identity and subjectivity (Cluster) Sociology
Criminal justice and public policy (Cluster) Sociology
Transnationalism, nation and rights (Cluster) Sociology
Sociological foundations - theory and method (Cluster) Sociology
Comparative Psychoanalysis (Group) Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
History of Psychoanalysis (Group) Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
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