Let's talk about Clearing

The journey to university isn’t always a simple one. Perhaps life has thrown you some curveballs or you’ve only recently decided what it is you want to study, or where you want to study it. And of course there’s always the possibility that your exam results don’t quite live up to what you were aiming for.

Whatever your background or reason for thinking about Clearing, remember it isn’t about starting over, it’s about exploring your options and embracing the opportunity to begin your university studies this autumn.

We know Clearing may feel intimidating but we want to replace that fear with excitement for the next chapter and curiosity about what your future may hold.

Our Clearing webpages offer a wealth of resources to fully prepare you for when Clearing opens on the 3 July. So get ahead and explore them now, and don’t forget to sign up for our Clearing emails to receive exclusive guidance and advice

Clearing entry requirements: When Clearing opens in July, we expect to make offers for available courses at BBC-CCD (112 – 88 UCAS tariff points) or equivalent.

Headshot of Eniola
Eniola's Clearing Journey

"Applying to university through Clearing was a last-minute decision for me. I was coming to the end of my gap year, in which I developed a passion for marketing and learning French, despite having previously studied Radiotherapy at another university. It was not until after a trip to the South of France that I decided to take a leap of faith and apply to university again. It made me realise how much I loved learning French, and how better than to combine that with another thing I loved, marketing. I did some research and Essex was one of the few universities that offered the course I wanted, Business Management with French, and so I applied just two weeks before the start date! Since applying I have immensely grown, I’ve become a Social Media Ambassador for the uni, completed a Summer Marketing Internship in Paris and am even featured in the 2025 prospectus! Although it was quite daunting for me at first, it shows that starting over again is not a bad thing and many opportunities can come from it." Eniola, BA Business Management with a Modern Language, Second Year

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