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Occasionally, it can be necessary to make changes. For example, we may need to make changes to courses, facilities or fees due to legitimate staffing, financial, regulatory or academic reasons.

Examples of why we may need to make changes include:

  • a change of law or regulatory requirements
  • industrial action
  • lack of demand
  • departure of key personnel
  • change in government policy
  • withdrawal or reduction of funding

Changes to courses may, for example, consist of:

  • variations to the content and method of delivery of programmes, courses and other services
  • discontinuation of programmes, courses and other services
  • the merger or combining of programmes or courses

We will endeavour to keep such changes to a minimum and will also keep prospective students informed appropriately by updating our Programme Specifications.

A robots.txt file

A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers known as bots, which pages or files the crawler can or cannot request from your site. When a search bot reaches a website it will only index a certain amount of pages, and as such it’s important for us that only those pages that are really suitable for you will be indexed. We use a robots.txt to make life easier for you therefore, by telling search engines which pages are unhelpful for you. Examples of pages that we might exclude from our index are:

  • Internal staff pages
  • Search result pages
  • Admin pages
  • Campaign tracking URLS

We never add pages to our robots.txt without fully exploring the impact of the page, should it be found on search engines. Wherever these pages would be unhelpful to you when found on search engines we may choose to include it within this file.

You can view our robots.txt file here:



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