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Colchester Campus
At Essex there's so much going on that you could never leave campus and still find something new to do every day.

We want you to throw yourself in at the deep end, soak up life and make the most of those special Essex moments.

Home to over 13,000 students from more than 130 countries, our Colchester Campus is the largest of our three sites, making us one of the most internationally diverse campuses on the planet - we like to think of ourselves as the world in one place.


A bustling centre

The campus squares are always buzzing with life. With shops, a bustling street market, restaurants, bars, a theatre, a cinema, a hairdressers, and even a nightclub; it's possible to survive your time at Essex without ever actually leaving campus (not something we recommend, but you get the idea...).


Historic location

We are located in the historic, 200-acre Wivenhoe Park. The park was originally landscaped in the eighteenth century and was painted by celebrated artist John Constable. Today, the striking landscape provides a tranquil place for all to enjoy.

Creative Colchester

It’s impossible to get bored at Essex. With an extensive arts programme involving music, theatre, exhibitions, and a world-renowned Latin American art collection, we play a major role in the cultural life of the region.

Get your food fix

As food is, of course, the most important thing in life, you'll be pleased to know that it is a priority at our Colchester Campus. You'll never run out of choice, and it will definitely take you a while to work your way through this lot.

  • Canteen - You don't want to go into this one half-heartedly; they serve up the best breakfast on campus, which is of course the most important meal of the day.
  • Fusion - Spice up your life with foods from all over the world including Asia, Mexico and Greece from Fusion. With Top Bar just next door you can hang around for a drink and some darts afterwards — what a perfect afternoon.
  • No. 64 - Yes it's a red double-decker bus, and yes it serves the most delicious pies. Chips and gravy, bangers and mash, toad-in-the-hole and all the pies under the sun — what more could you ask for? You can also tuck into your lunch from the top deck and enjoy views out over the lake. 
  • Blues - Enjoy relaxed coffee, tasty drinks and snacks as well as Campus' largest salad bar, alongside jacket potatoes, soup and homemade stews.
  • Buffalo Joe's - When you just need some greasy fast-food, Buffalo Joe's has your back
  • Bonds - Worth the extra steps to the North side of Campus, Bonds is the perfect place to have some 'me' time with a bagel, coffee and cake.
  • Lakeside Theatre Café - Feeling arty and hungry... hungrarty? Head to Lakeside Theatre Café for lunch and flick through their season programme for something a bit different to do with your housemates.
  • Refresh - Breakfast pastries and hash browns, baguettes and possibly the best locally made ice-cream over the summer, this cute little outlet will save you every time if are in a hurry.
  • Zest - Serving Costa coffee plus an endless choice of cakes, paninis, salads, sandwiches and jacket potatoes. There are also adjoining IT pods for cracking on with some work over lunch.
  • Food on the square - Quick and tasty street food from around the world. On Square 4 enjoy the taste of the Caribbean every day, just grab a plate and go! And every Thursday enjoy freshly baked goods, veg, sweets & curry at the Street Market. 
Colchester campus aerial view
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Student reading by the lake
"The best place to chill out is without a doubt by the lake. Grab a blanket, take some suncream and a jumper (just in case!) and a good book and you'll be there for hours."
Tricia Beer