How to apply through Clearing

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Clearing 2024 will open in July.

When it comes to applying, you'll submit personal information, such as contact details, alongside qualification details. You'll also get the chance to tell us about any extracurricular activities or work experience you think we might want to know about. If you have any certificates or transcripts of your qualifications, please make use of the document uploader on the online Clearing webform to send these to us with your Clearing application, especially if these are not standard UK qualifications.

Your application then gets sent to our Admissions team and you'll receive further information via email. Simple, right?

How will I find out if I've been offered a place?

We will aim to be back in touch via email within 2 working days of receiving your application. It’s really important to ensure you give us the best email address to contact you on. Check your emails regularly as we may contact you if we need more information before making a decision, or to let you know an interview is required before an offer can be made.

How do I accept an offer?

Fingers crossed we can offer you a place – wahoo! If that’s the case, all the information about what you need to do if you receive a Clearing offer and the next steps will be sent to you via email. If you have applied through UCAS, you’ll need to log in to your UCAS Hub and add Essex as your Clearing choice. This is how:

  1. Log into UCAS Hub.
  2. Find the ‘add Clearing choice’ button.
  3. Enter Essex’s institution code – E70
  4. Enter the four character course code shown in your confirmation email from us.
  5. Celebrate your newfound future at Essex with your favourite dinner!

You can only add one Clearing choice at a time though, so don’t add us until we’ve emailed you confirming that we can make you a Clearing offer.

And if you’re not already in UCAS, no problem! We’ll let you know in your confirmation email what to do next and how to accept your offer.

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Ellie's Clearing Story

"I came to Essex through Clearing in 2022 when I didn’t get the grades for my initial choices. I didn’t want to go through resits and postpone starting university, so instead I looked into Clearing. I must admit I had negative preconceptions of Clearing and felt like I might be judged but all these feelings changed when I went through the process. I felt more relaxed about it all, reassured that I had nothing to be ashamed of and I quickly realised that it wouldn’t impact on my university experience at all. My journey at Essex has been nothing short of amazing; I’ve made so many friends, both housemates and classmates. The supportiveness I felt immediately from all the staff at Essex was immense, the atmosphere and environment was so comforting and welcoming. Clearing and the redirection it created was a blessing in disguise for me."

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Why choose Essex in Clearing?

You're guaranteed university accommodation for at least the first year of your studies
Earn £250 by completing the Essex Preparation Programme
Free data science courses are available for all students
Essex is 32nd in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2024
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