As a group of scholars, we work individually and collectively on projects across public law.

Research interests include administrative justice and access to justice; constitutional law; European Union law; management and reform of the judiciary; judicial review; comparative approaches to public and constitutional law; the regulation of property relations; equality law and the rapidly developing fields of cybercrime, internet law and the use of new technologies.

Bringing together this range of interests, we take an expansive view of the most current developments in the application of law to public bodies, both domestically and internationally. In particular, our research engages with the relationships between public power and the often competing demands of social justice and commercial enterprise. We employ a wide range of methods including empirical and theoretical and more traditional doctrinal approaches.

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Do you have an opinion on public law? Or the relationship between the state and individuals? The competing demands of social justice and public power? In our modern-day society, we face many challenges which require the expertise of lawyers with knowledge in the sphere of public law. At Essex, we have a range of related degrees and modules, and with our interdisciplinary approach to teaching, we are confident that we have the right course for you.

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