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Giving you the tools for social change

Essex Law School pushes boundaries and challenges existing laws and policies in the pursuit of justice. Do you care about social justice and the rule of law? Be part of our movement.

In an ever-changing world with daunting challenges such as climate change, human rights under pressure on all fronts, and unaccountable artificial intelligence, the job of a lawyer is being transformed and will keep being transformed in ways we cannot fully know today.

An undergraduate Essex Law degree offers both the traditional foundations needed to practice law today and the skills to adapt to the continuously evolving legal landscape.

If you're ready to pursue justice, push boundaries, and challenge convention, Essex Law School is the place for you.


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Essex Law School has many exciting degrees to choose from. Whether you're ready to throw yourself into a three-year intensive and rigorous law degree, are considering transferring into law with our accelerated two-year degree, graduate with a double law degree and French license qualification, or combine your legal education with another discipline on one of our joint degrees, our leading and internationally recognised Law School is the place that people just like you travel from all over the world to learn from the UK's leaders in the pursuit of social justice and human rights.


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Opportunities to prepare you for an exciting future

As a student in the Essex Law School, you're experience will be anything but ordinary. You'll find that a large percentage of your education places you in real or simulated situations, where you're able to put your legal skills into practice and grow in confidence with each activity you undertake.

This could include service to the community through our Essex Law Clinic, participating in mooting competitions, actively contributing to law reform, and informing policy through student-led projects in our world-renowned Human Rights Centre (where you are likely to be working with global organisations including the United Nations, Amnesty International, and the World Health Organisation).

There are many more opportunities for you to take advantage of both as part of your modules and as voluntary opportunities throughout your degree. The skills and experience you'll gain over the next few years are unrivaled and will set you up to be a competent, confident legal mind, and an ideal candidate for any future employer, whichever career path you choose.

Our Law alumni follow in the footsteps of our faculty. They are the definition of an Essex law education. From informing policy to championing human rights, our alumni are at the forefront of the new generation of lawyers, leading the charge for justice around the globe.

If a future in law is where you're destined to be, then Essex Law School is where you belong.

Research-led teaching

You’ll be taught by expert academics who are prominent scholars in public law, human rights, business law, and criminal justice, among other areas. In between leading your education, your lecturers are influencing policy and think tanks, and actively advising and acting on behalf of governments,  NGOs, national and regional human rights bodies, and international organisations all over the world.

Essex law degrees are underpinned by the integration of this cutting-edge research and knowledge into the curriculum, which reflects contemporary issues, and the political, societal and economic challenges that our society faces today.

    How we're contributing to the pursuit for justice
    Panel finds British Government acted with 'impunity' during Northern Ireland conflict
    01 May 2024
    Essex human rights expert appointed UN Chair Rapporteur
    09 Apr 2024
    Class of 2024: Mia Marzotto
    08 Apr 2024

    What could your future as a law graduate look like?

    An Essex Law degree will give you the foundation to pursue a career as a Solicitor, Barrister, or a legal career in another field. Law professionals are needed to inform of, and apply the law in many situations and across different industries.

    This can vary from dealing with property purchases, criminal and civil proceedings, advising businesses on corporate law, dealing with family law and litigation, and working with international human rights charities amongst many other roles. If your interests in law extend into other industries such as healthcare, technology, television, sport, and literature, there are so many exciting opportunities for you to apply your law degree.

    Volunteering at the Essex Law Clinic since my first year has enabled me to see the importance of legal aid services in helping to improve access to justice issues in our legal system. I have been able to develop vital skills I would have otherwise not obtained throughout my degree. From working on the Innocence project, casework and now as Firm Manager, I have been able to see various levels of what Essex Law Clinic can do for those in their time of need - and it is truly rewarding knowing the positive impact we can have on those in need.
    Amy Bradshaw, LLB Law Essex Law Clinic Firm Manager 2023-24
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