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Free and confidential legal advice

Essex Law Clinic benefits the Essex community by offering free initial advice about legal problems while giving our students the chance to work alongside qualified lawyers and clinical teaching staff to advise real clients.

Members of the public, students and University staff can use the Essex Law Clinic to get free initial advice about a legal problem they are facing. Our aim is to help those who live, study or work in Essex, and who cannot obtain legal advice in other ways or afford to pay for a lawyer. We offer clients an initial consultation to find out their legal position and advise them on what steps they can take to remedy the issues.

We operate by appointment only and undertake an initial assessment, in order to find out whether we can help. Clients are then asked to attend an appointment in person on Colchester campus or by Zoom and share all relevant documentation relating to their legal issue.

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Law Clinic Staff

Professional services staff

What we can help with

Advice is available in areas, such as: 

  • Immigration
  • Family law 
  • Homelessness
  • Housing law and housing conditions 
  • Employment law
  • Equality issues
  • Consumer law
  • Benefits law 

We cannot take appointments for issues that concern criminal law, will writing, tax and debt. We also cannot assist any person wishing to pursue a claim against the University, its governors, employees or students. Nor can we assist in claims that may create a conflict of interest for our supervising law firms. We reserve the right not to give advice in any particular case.

The Essex Law Clinic does not hold itself out to be a solicitors’ firm, nor is it a substitute for legal advice and is not regulated by the Law Society of England and Wales. It does, however, aim to provide the same high standard of service expected in the practice of law. The rules of confidentiality apply to all work undertaken at the Law Clinic. All law students participating in the Essex Law Clinic receive thorough training


Essex Law Clinic is based in Essex Law School at our University's Colchester Campus. However, if you prefer, we also offer virtual appointments on Zoom. To book an appointment, or to request any further information please contact the Essex Law Clinic directly via the details below. 

Booking an appointment

The most efficient way to contact the Essex Law Clinic is to send a blank email to get an automatic reply with explanations about how we work and the form to return to book an appointment.

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