Impatient to learn the law that matters?

At Essex, you'll join a Law School that's freer, more daring and more experimental than many traditional law schools, and have access to our renowned Human Rights Centre which is a recognised international leader.

Essex Law School is committed to providing an education that is both relevant and responsive to the demands of a changing society. We're excited for you to join a Law School that has a buzzing international community of students and staff. Our global outlook will encourage you to develop cross-cultural perspectives and insights into law and justice around the world.

The Law and access to justice affect every part of human life, from cybercrime and identity fraud to protecting minority rights and responding to the climate crisis. Your course will explore a range of topics that are relevant to the challenges people face from across the world on a daily basis, and will prepare you for an exciting career, wherever it may lead you (and there are many, many options).

The legal landscape is vast, but it's also evolving at a rapid pace. At Essex you'll receive rigorous legal training with exciting opportunities to put your skills into practice, giving you the chance to become a resilient, knowledgable graduate that stands out amongst the noise.

Are you bold, brave, and ready to make an impact at such a crucial time? Then the time is now to apply to join us at Essex Law School.


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  • Top 50 for Law in THE World University Rankings by Subject 2023 
  • Law 3rd in UK for research power in law (Times Higher Education research power measure, REF2021)
  • 89% of our Essex Law School UG graduates are in employment or further study (Graduate Outcomes 2023) 

Impatient to tackle the justice system?

If you're prepared to rise to the challenge, your Essex Law and Human Rights lecturers are excited to guide you with a practical, exciting, fast-paced education that shapes you to be a graduate that defines the term 'global changemaker'. If this sounds like you, explore what you can achieve with undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD Law at Essex.

Impatient to advocate for social justice?

Human rights have no borders or boundaries. They are the global language of the world, and they are in desperate need of protection at an extremely crucial time. If you're ready to join the fight for human rights, who better to learn from than leading academics that are advising global organisations like the United Nations, and informing policy in government? Where better to equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and practical experience for a career in human rights than our internationally recognised Human Rights Centre

Our trailblazing Law research is informing the current, and shaping the future

From armed conflict and forced displacement to environmental justice and 21st-century digital wars, your Essex Law and Human Rights lecturers hit the ground running when it comes to addressing current global challenges and crises. Their cutting-edge research not only informs the global conversation, it informs your Essex Law education and inspires young, curious minds like yours to rise up and join the fight for justice.

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself:

Impatient to get involved in real-life legal matters?

Expect the unexpected. An Essex Law education is far from stuffy classrooms and dusting off old library books. It's about opportunities to work with real people needing real legal advice in our Essex Law Clinic, it's about opportunities to work alongside international organisations like Amnesty International in our Human Rights Centre Clinic, and it's also about opportunities to test your legal skills in negotiating, mediation, and moot court competitions. The keyword here is 'opportunities' because that's exactly what you're given throughout your Essex Law education.

Impatient to know what your future holds?

You've already got a taste of what your future at Essex can look like, but what about after that? There's no denying that the ever-changing legal landscape is both an exhilarating and daunting reality, so we've got you covered talking all about career opportunities, whilst breaking down the details on how to become a barrister or solicitor. You'll also hear from some of our alumni like Temini Ayo-Kasumu who have taken that Essex spirit and are now fiercely representing around the world.

FYI, Temini graduated from Essex with an LLB Law in 2018 and is now the founder of Ede, a start-up with big goals to transform the world of feminine care.

Be like Temini, study Law at Essex.

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