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Information for Law Degree Transfer Programme students

As a student at one of our partner institutions, you are able to come to Essex as part of the Law Degree Transfer Programme.

If you would like to study law in the UK, you have the opportunity to:

  • study for one year in Malaysia and then two at Essex (1+2)
  • study for two years in Malaysia and then one at Essex (2+1)

You'll join our prestigious LLB Law, going directly into either the second or final year.

You can download our optional module booklet (.pdf) which has lots of information on how to choose your modules, how you will be taught and assessed, how to balance your workload, deadlines for changing modules and options available to Third and Final Year students.

You can also explore how to make your choices, and information on our partnerships and available scholarships.

Why choose Essex?
  • Top 10 (9th) for Law in the UK in THE World University Rankings by Subject 2023 
  • Join our internationally diverse community of students and staff at Essex Law School.
  • Our lecturers work with the UN, the UK government, and with EU and foreign governments.
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Scholarship opportunity for international students

Are you an international student studying at one of our UKT Law global channel partners? You could be eligible for a scholarship worth approximately £9,300, which you'll receive as a 50% tuition fee discount in your first year of study.

Apply now

Information for optional modules

What are the optional modules?

Optional modules available for third and final year students

Module Code Module Title Credits Term
LW209-6-SP Current Issues in Public Law 15 Spring
LW214-6-FY Family Law 30 Autumn and Spring

Introduction to Public International Law


Autumn (Summer for January start)

Introduction to Public International Law  15 Autumn (Summer ofr January start)
LW219-6-SP Selected Issues in Public International Law 15 Spring
LW224-6-SP Banking Law 15 Spring
LW225-6-FY Company Law 30 Autumn and Spring
LW241-6-AU Consumer Contract Law 15 Autumn
LW242-6-SP Commercial Contract Law 15 Spring
LW244-6-AU The Protection of Human Rights in the UK 15 Autumn
LW251-6-FY Employment Law and Practice 30 Autumn and Spring
Jurisprudence 15 Autumn (Summer for Jan start)
LW301-6-SU Jurisprudence 15 Autumn (Summer for Jan start)
LW304-6-SU Research Project (Capstone) 15 Summer
LW316-6-FY Law of Evidence 30 Autumn and Spring
LW327-6-SU International Trade Law 30 Autumn and Spring (Summer for Jan start)
LW343-6-AU Competition Law 15 Autumn
LW349-6-SP Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Law, Policy and Practice 15 Spring
LW352-6-FY Legal Ethics and Justice 30 Autumn and Spring
Criminology 15 Autumn (Summer for Jan start)
LW354-6-SU Criminology 15 Autumn (Summer for Jan start)
LW356-6-SP International Environmental Law 15 Spring
LW363-6-SP Copyright and Trade Mark Law 15 Spring
LT394-6-SP Law and Literature 15 Spring

Please note the following limitations when choosing optional modules:

  • You should not take Evidence, Company Law or Family Law if you have already covered these modules in Malaysia.
  • Final year entrants cannot realistically take Clinical Legal Education due to the time constraints of finding a placement.
  • Law Clinic modules have limited places.

You can always speak to your personal tutor when you arrive if you have any questions about your course.

When can I choose optional modules?

Once your offer has turned unconditional and you're holding Essex as your firm choice, you can enrol for optional modules. You can do this via the online system eNROL when it opens. When you log in, you will see listed the options personally available to you for your course and year of study.

How can I make my choices?

When making your option choices you should consider:

  • what areas of law you most enjoy studying
  • what options are available to you in your current year of study and what will be available to you in future years (if applicable)
  • how a module is assessed (i.e. exam or coursework)
  • when the assessment takes place (e.g. you may not wish to pick four modules with coursework due at the same time)
Please note that we cannot guarantee that every combination of options is possible and you cannot take the same module option twice.

Due to the number of options we offer, and the inherent restrictions of the weekly timetable, it is impossible for us to ensure that no two options clash with each other. It is, unfortunately, possible, therefore, that you will need to amend your initial preferences once the timetable for the coming year has been confirmed. For this reason, please select your choices on eNROL as early as possible.

You can download our handbook for more information on how to choose your modules.


Download our handbook (.pdf)

How many options can I choose?

In any academic year you should be taking modules totalling 120 credits for the year. Please make sure when choosing your options that you have made sufficient choices to achieve this total. Generally, 30 Credit modules run for a full year and 15 Credit modules run for one term.

How to balance your workload

It is important to ensure that you select your options so as to give you an even workload throughout the academic year. You should be taking four modules in each term. Do not select more modules in one term than another. Doing so will leave you with a heavy workload in one term which may impact detrimentally on your academic performance.

Is there a deadline for changing modules?

Should you change your mind, allowing for module availability, it is possible to change your options until the start of the Autumn Term. You will also have an opportunity to change your Spring Term choices at the start of Spring Term. The exact dates will be published on the Enrol website.

The School makes every effort to ensure that optional modules are available in as many combinations as possible, but sometimes timetabling constraints mean that certain options will clash with other options. If this is the case, you will have to select options that do not clash. The timetables are usually released by mid-September, at which time you can still select different options.

While the information contained in this booklet is believed to be correct at the time it was compiled (June 2020), and is believed to contain an accurate description of the modules planned for the academic year 2020-21, the School of Law reserves the right to update, modify or even withdraw specific modules or change staffing arrangements or methods of assessments where academic developments or unexpected contingencies render such action necessary.

Advanced Tertiary College (ATC)

A partnership with Advanced Tertiary College was made in 2021. We're very excited to welcome new students onto our LLB Law.

ATC Entry Requirements

  • 1+2 (level 5): Successful completion of the first year of the specified two-year programme at ATC with an overall transcript average of 50% and Standard University of Essex English Language entry requirements.
  • 2+1 (level 6): Successful completion of the specified two-year programme at ATC with an overall transcript average of 60% in Year 2 and Pass in all Year 1 subjects and Standard University of Essex English Language entry requirements.

ATC Scholarship

  • 1+2 Scholarship: £3,500 available for all students who meet the entry requirements and select Essex as Firm Choice by 14 July 2023.
  • 2+1 Scholarship: £2,500 available for all students who meet the entry requirements and select Essex as Firm Choice by 14 July 2023.
  • For 2023-24 entry, please select Essex as your Firm Choice on UCAS by 14 July 2023.


Read the full Scholarship information

Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

A partnership with Brickfields Asia College was made in February 2015, and so far we have welcomed over 150 students onto our direct entry courses.

BAC Entry Requirements


  • 1+2 Programme: pass all subjects with an overall average of 50% or above in the first year of the Law Degree Transfer Programme at BAC.
  • 2+1 Programme: an overall average of 60% or above in the second year of the Law Degree Transfer Programme at BAC plus pass all subjects in year one.
  • For entry to both pathways we require IELTS 6.5 IGCSE/SPM 1119 English grade C and above.


BAC Scholarship


  • 1+2 Scholarship: £3,500 available for all students who meet the entry requirements and select Essex as Firm Choice by 14 July 2023.
  • 2+1 Scholarship: £2,500 available for all students who meet the entry requirements and select Essex as Firm Choice by 14 July 2023.
  • For 2023-24 entry, please select Essex as your Firm Choice on UCAS by 14 July 2023.


Read the full Scholarship information

BPP University

If you want to professionally train to become a barrister after graduation, as an Essex LLB graduate you will have an exclusive conditional offer to study the Barrister Training Course (BTC) with BPP University (subject to meeting entry requirements). As an Essex graduate, you’ll also receive a £1,000 bursary towards your tuition.

For more information, please email us at


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"I was quite surprised and impressed with how the university dealt with lockdown. I think overall, there was a very smooth transition. It wasn't much of a shock when it came to adapting to it. I relied a lot on my tutorials and the online resources available in the library."
Elsa Ng LLB Law Transfer Programme, 2020
"I knew that this year would be different to any previous school year, so I wanted to make sure I was getting the most from my final year; Yet, it really hasn’t been different in a bad way at all! Our professors have been so wonderful about making sure they’re answering all our questions and helping us stay engaged, even though the computer and the sessions are recorded as well in case you’re in a different time zone."
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