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Members of the Business Law Cluster work with a commitment to improving the practice and development of business and commercial law locally, nationally and internationally.

This includes trade law, EU law, competition, banking and insurance law, financial crime and regulation, company and insolvency law, consumer protection, services of general interest, investment law, internet, broadcasting and digital regulation, contract and tort law.

In our work on these topics we strive to develop efficient trade mechanisms, as well as effective competition, corporate governance and financial market management. Other aspects of our work seek to balance various commercial interests with protecting the environment and preserving human rights, such as dignity, privacy, freedom of expression and association, access to services of general interest, consumer protection and safe food.

In our research, teaching and work with stakeholders, our philosophy is that business law can only be understood and improved by rigorous doctrinal analysis, learning from other countries and disciplines, and providing practical legal solutions.

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What is Corporate Criminal Liability?

What obligations does the Law place on companies, big and small? Hosted by Essex Law School, an expert panel discusses the history in this area, the current models used to assess liability and whether reform is needed to keep pace with our evolving business landscape.

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Mohammed Khair Alshaleel
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: International Financial Law; Financial Regulation; Commercial Law; Islamic Financial Law; Banking Law
Ugochi Amajuoyi
Lecturer, School of Law
Alexandros Antoniou
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Communications and Media Law; Intellectual Property Law and Asset Management; Cyber-obscenity; Media Ethics and Media Regulation
Anna Mari Antoniou
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: International Sales; International Trade Finance; Carriage of Goods by Sea; Marine Insurance
Durand Cupido
Lecturer, School of Law
Andrea Fejos
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Consumer law; Financial consumer law; FinTech; Consumer law and social justice; Financial regulation
Lorna Fox O'Mahony
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor (R), School of Law
Research interests: Financial transactions and older people; Socio-legal analyses of property law; Legal concept of home; Squatters and adverse possession; Trusts of the family home; Law and the emotions; Creditor possession actions; Property theory
Audrey Guinchard
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Criminal Law; Data protection; Criminal procedure/human rights; French Law/Comparative Law; Cybercrime and cybersecurity
Johanna Hoekstra
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: International contract law; private international law; Business & Human Rights
Stavroula Karapapa
Professor, School of Law
Research interests: Copyright Law and Policy; Law and the Arts; Legal Challenges of AI, Big Data and Blockchain Technology; Personality Rights, Data Protection, and Information Privacy; Internet Law, and Digital Regulation; Trade Mark and Unfair Competition Law
Anastasia Karatzia
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Citizens' Participation in law-making; European Citizens' Initiative; The role of the CJEU in EU participatory democracy; EU Banking Union; EU Single Supervisory Mechanism; Accountability of institutional actors involved in financial assistance mechanisms; The role of the European Central Bank in the SSM
Marios Koutsias
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Company Law; Corporate Governance; Comparative Company Law; European Union Law with a special emphasis on the Internal Market; Privacy and Data Protection
Jessica Lawrence
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Public International Trade Law; Governmentality; International Investment Law; EU Internal Market Law; Critical Theory; International Economic Law; Business and Human Rights; Trade and Environment; Investment and Environment; Investment and Human Rights; Trade and Human Rights; Critical Approaches to International Law; EU Trade and Investment Policy
Lorna McGregor
Professor, School of Law - Human Rights Centre
Yseult Marique
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Regulation and administrative law, especially public-private relationships; Public contracts (procurement, enforcement, corruption); European administrative law
Colin Moore
Lecturer, School of Law
Niall O'Connor
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Employment Law; Fundamental Rights; European Union Law
Onyeka Osuji
Professor, School of Law
Research interests: Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Consumer Protection; Development; Corporate Regulation
Carlo Petrucci
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Research interests
Eden Sarid
Lecturer, School of Law
Lijie Song
Lecturer, School of Law
Stephen Turner
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Christopher Willett
Professor, School of Law
Research interests: UK, EU and global consumer and contract law; commercial law; services of general interest; unfair terms and practices law; quality and safety of goods and services; financial services; digital content law
Lorna Woods
Professor, School of Law
Research interests: Media regulation; Internet Law; Surveillance
Anil Yilmaz Vastardis
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Business and human rights; International Investment Law; Settlement of international commercial disputes; Corporate law; Investment and human rights

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