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Members of the Human Rights Cluster work across a variety of human rights issues, focusing on human rights locally, nationally and internationally.

Our research areas include issues relating to conflict and crisis, human rights and technology, transitional justice, international criminal law, gender and human rights, international refugee law, human rights and the environment, economic and social rights with a particular focus on the right to health, business and human rights, freedom of religion or belief, public law and human rights, regional human rights mechanisms, postcolonial approaches, and human rights theory, among others.

Members of our research cluster have extensive expertise in human rights law at the national, regional and international level, both in research and practice. They hold positions as UN Special Rapporteurs; chairs and members of UN Committees; legal advisers to UK parliamentary Committees; and members of management and advisory boards of NGOs and charities. Our research cluster also hosts several internationally renowned human rights theorists and scholars who are undertaking cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

Our human rights research takes place in the environment of the Human Rights Centre. Based in the School of Law, it is one of the oldest academic human rights centres in the world.

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Are you interested in human rights and are captivated by the impact our research has around the world? Do you want to become part of the fight in defending human rights around the globe? Our academics are pioneers in the field and at Essex, our research leads our teaching.

As an interdisciplinary subject, there are a number of exciting degrees in human rights at Essex. If your interests span various topics, you can also find a number of joint honours degrees across our many subject areas. If you're not sure which subject is right for you, you can always search for a course.

If you're looking for research opportunities, or to find a supervisor, you can use our research finder by searching for your research interests.


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