human rights centre

Our people

A community bonded by a shared passion for change

The Essex Human Rights Centre is composed of over 2000 alumni, current students, over 100 members from across 11 disciplines, fellows, and partners.

The Human Rights Centre acts as a hub for this community, facilitating interaction at the University, online, and through networks we have established across the world.

Our community is unique in its diversity, sense of unity, and shared resolve for the advancement of human rights globally. For the thousands of students and staff that have passed through the Human Rights Centre’s doors, the Centre has been more than an institute built to generate research and develop and exchange ideas. It has also been a meeting place to form lasting friendships and bonds.

Together, Essex students, staff, graduates and partners, from every corner of the world, have worked on human rights projects that have had, and continue to have, a tangible practical impact on the ground. This is a central part of the legacy of the many individuals that have contributed to the establishment and growth of the Centre.

“It is an honour and humbling experience working with such a distinguished team of experts at Essex"
Dr Ahmed Shaheed UN Special rapporteur