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Strategy, Operations and Entrepreneurship

Delegates attending a careers event at the Essex Business School in Southend sit in discussion in the university library.

We are a group of international researchers with an entrepreneurial focus

We enhance the frontiers of knowledge in management and business studies for the sustainable growth of business, society and the economy.

We are based at the University of Essex’s Southend Campus. Our research is multi-disciplinary and falls within two broad and interrelated streams; management and science and entrepreneurship and SME management.

Our research at a glance

Management science

We have a diverse, primarily quantitative, management science research portfolio.

Example topics and disciplines include:

  • supply chain and operations
  • strategy
  • complex systems
  • network analysis
  • applied economics and econometrics

Much of our research is closely linked with the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre.

Entrepreneurship and SME management

We support the growth and regional development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Research topics include:

  • marketing (such as B2B and CRM)
  • internationalisation
  • innovation
  • product and network development of SMEs
  • the challenges faced by specific entrepreneurial groups, such as social, female an ethnic entrepreneurs
  • the development of 'intrapreneur' i.e. entrepreneurial individuals operating within established organisations
  • how entrepreneurship can be delivered within education curriculum to increase entrepreneurial awareness, aspiration, intention and behaviour

We have worked on several knowledge exchange projects, including:

  • innovation voucher - championing corporate social responsibility at the grass roots level
  • low carbon voucher - developing a marketing strategy to help a small web-based business that faced difficulties in increasing awareness of their presence and services
  • low carbon KEEP programme - assisting a local business to develop and implement marketing and sales strategies to increase its sales of a carbon efficient, web-based HR systems
  • mini KTPs - carrying out market research on entry and internationalisation of growing SMEs

Autism and the world of work

Dr Caleb Kwong is an avid and active researcher of entrepreneurship and not-for-profit sector management. For the 2019 ESRC Festival of Social Science, Caleb hosted an exhibition which explored what the world of work is like for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through multi-media elements, including: photos, narratives, maps, talking heads and videos designed to explore the challenges faced by autistic individuals in the workplace, the exhibition aimed to offer better support and understanding for individuals with autism within the working environment.


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Accelerating women's enterprise

An entire team of researchers from the Management Science and Entrepreneurship group are currently leading on a project which is partnering with the Accelerating Women's Enterprise (AWE) project. Dr Caleb Kwong, Dr Juan Carlos Fernandez De Arroyabe Fernandez, Dr Marta Fernandez De Arroyabe Fernandez and David Khayesi are leading the University of Essex's involvement in the organisation of training, as well as conducting research into the challenges and barriers faced by disadvantaged women entrepreneurs.

The aims of AWE are:

  • To train 700 female entrepreneurs
  • To recruit and train over 160 mentors
  • To help 134 women to start new businesses


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