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Essex Business School students sit in a seminar room with notepads, pens and ipads out to take notes on the session delivery.

Change how the world does business

Our courses aim to teach business with integrity. They challenge you to become independent thinkers, problem solvers and ethical leaders. We encourage you to question and interrogate, not just so you gain the skills employers want, but so you can transform organisations for the better.

Our students and staff join us from around the globe. We’re a School that’s growing but our people are always more than just a number to us. We want to support you to achieve the very best degree you can and to enter the world of work with exciting prospects.

What you can study

Explore our subject areas and find out more about which courses you could study with us.

COVID-19 and teaching in EBS

Will COVID-19 change the way my course is taught?

Next year we’re planning to teach you through ‘blended delivery’ – that is, a mixture of online and, where we can, face-to-face, in-person tutorials and lectures, with appropriate physical distancing to keep you safe.

Blended delivery will replace the usual lectures and seminars with a combination of online classes, self-directed learning materials and some face-to-face activity. The online range of resources for teaching and learning will be available on Moodle, our online learning environment.

What will this mean for my learning experience?

Your module content and timetabled hours will remain the same as in previous years. Academic support hours with all tutors will also be available, offering you one-to-one consultation and support.

All the module material will be structured and include guidance for effective independent study and time management. This will benefit you by enabling you to engage with material in your own time and at your own pace, guided by the structure put in place by the module teaching team.

The face-to-face components, delivered with social distancing, will continue to give you access to the expertise of the teaching team and the opportunity to discuss your learning with others.

What happens if the situation changes before I start or during my time at Essex?

All our modules have been designed in ‘dual-delivery’ mode: accessible whether you are on-campus or off-campus. This will enable you to continue your learning uninterrupted if circumstances mean that we need to move into online learning at any point in the academic year.

This also means that if for any reason you are unable to travel to campus to start the year, we can offer you the alternative of beginning your programme off-campus, wherever you are, with full flexibility to transition to on-campus learning whenever you are able to or to continue your studies online for the full year.

What will my broader student experience in Essex Business School be like?

Essex Business School is a diverse, international community and we will be operating as a community whether we are online or in-person on our campuses.  

We have developed a unique package of support that is tailored to the needs of business students. This includes EBS student staff, who volunteer in various roles to support fellow students. Our team of Student Advisers will be in regular contact with those of you starting your first year and you’ll hear from our SET Connect Team (second and third-years who take the lead on organising social events and activities for the School) during the autumn term too. In fact, they’re already planning socials for the autumn term and working out how they can offer Zoom meet-ups with new students who might have questions.  

You’ll get to know EBS Student Services very well. This is the team who run our (currently remote!) helpdesk and they’ve been supporting students during lockdown throughout the Spring and Summer Terms; they are the first port of call for many student queries.  

We also have our own in-house EBS Learning Team who provide skills workshops, training sessions, study resources, one-to-one feedback and advice, and other support to help you to develop the skills you need to succeed.  

During your time in EBS you will also get the chance to work with the Essex Start-ups Team, who offer a range of support for student entrepreneurs. This includes bootcamps to generate and develop business ideas, funding opportunities, competitions, workshops and 1:1 support. They’ve continued their varied programme of activities throughout the Spring and Summer Terms, while the University has been working remotely. In fact, two of our recent EBS graduates have been working with the Start-ups Team throughout lockdown to apply for the Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs Programme in order to secure further funding for their own fledgling business.

So, what do we have to offer?

Hands-on business experience

We want our students to understand that exciting business prospects can be found in a variety of organisations. That’s why we welcome guest speakers into our classrooms from huge multi-nationals, such as HSBC, to dynamic local businesses, such as Footprint Digital (see video below).

You will work on real business case studies, feed into live consultancy projects and even take part in business simulations. If you really want to put your skills into practice, you have the option to do a placement year between your second and final years at Essex Business School. We currently have students out on placement in the NHS, PwC and EY but you are free to apply for whatever placement suits your future plans.

We champion responsible management

Sustainable business practice is in our DNA. So much so that we built our home at the Colchester campus on truly sustainable foundations, it’s the UK’s first zero carbon business school building.

You’ll also find the themes of responsible management and sustainable international business practice are threaded through all our courses. We want to empower you to think critically about business and to graduate with a commitment to doing business better.


Research-led teaching that matters

Our academics are experts in their fields and are at the forefront of contemporary research. It’s not uncommon for our students to see their lecturers on the news or read their articles online.

This is all fed into our teaching meaning our students themselves become expert in topical business issues. This is hugely valuable to your future employers and leaves you at a great advantage when you finish at University and are looking for that perfect graduate role.