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Accounting at Essex is about accountability – not just to financiers and investors, but increasingly to a wider range of stakeholders and to our planet.

Our undergraduate accounting degrees are grounded in the profession itself. You’ll learn how to prepare accounts and provide financial advice and information to companies and clients, whether they are in the commercial, public or not-for-profit sectors. 

Many of our accounting degrees are professionally accredited by organisations such as ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW. This means you can earn exemptions from some professional exams and give your career a head-start once you’ve graduated.

Why study here?
  • We teach you to be accountable, act ethically and make financial decisions that positively impact both organisations and society.
  • Professional accreditation gives you the opportunity to get a head start on your career.
  • You’ll learn the practical skills you need to qualify as an accountant in a range of sectors.

Our teaching and research in accounting are grounded in how accounting is practised around the globe.

We offer Masters courses for students who want to continue their studies in accounting or business, as well as programmes for students who are new to the subject and want to fast-track to a career in the accounting profession.

Accounting at Essex goes well beyond the preparation of financial statements. We teach you to be accountable, act ethically and make financial decisions that positively impact both organisations and society. We aim to inspire a business-minded and socially driven Essex accounting graduate.

Why study here?
  • Professional accreditation for some of our courses gives you the opportunity to get a head start on your career.
  • We offer a number of courses for you if you've never studied accounting before, as well as specialist programmes if you want to extend your knowledge.
  • You’ll learn from experts who are leading researchers in their field meaning you can be confident your studies are always right up-to-date with professional practice.

Accounting informs almost all areas of business, from strategy to outsourcing, and operational planning to environmental policies.

To us accounting means more than cutting costs and managing transactions. It’s vital for ensuring accountability by encouraging sound, ethical decision making.

We’re home to world-class researchers and academics. We belong to the Social Sciences Faculty within the University, meaning we have strong connections with other departments and can supervise innovative interdisciplinary projects. We support our PhD students to design and conduct the research project they choose, rather than telling them to complete it in a particular way.

We’re pleased to be able to offer a number of integrated PhDs, for students who have a strong research proposal but who do not have previous research or Masters-level study experience.

Why study here?
  • You’re part of a vibrant research community, challenging conventional thinking to make organisations better places to do business.
  • Limited research training or don't have a Masters? You can still gain a PhD with our integrated PhD route.
  • We’re home to two thriving research groups in accounting offering plenty of opportunity for research collaboration and supervision.
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Following the impact of the pandemic, we made changes to our teaching and assessment to ensure our current students could continue with their studies uninterrupted and safely. These changes included courses being taught through blended delivery, normally including some face-to-face teaching, online provision, or a combination of both across the year.

The teaching and assessment methods listed on each course page show what is currently planned for 2021 entry; changes may be necessary if, by the beginning of this course, we need to adapt the way we’re delivering them due to the external environment, and to allow you to continue to receive the best education possible safely and seamlessly.