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Addressing accounting challenges and challenging accounting 

The accounting group conducts world-class research in five key areas: Accounting, Accountability and Global Development; Publicness and Resilience: Environment, Climate Change and Vulnerability; Capital Markets, Audit, Regulation and Reporting; and Precarity, Exclusion and Social Justice.

We are home to an international community of academics and students. The group has established strengths in conducting world-class research in accounting from an interdisciplinary perspective. We draw our research, primarily on economics, sociology, law, management and organization, political theories, psychology and cultural studies. 

In line with the research strategy of the University of Essex and of Essex Business School, particularly in terms of improving the impact and relevance of our research, and its aforementioned strengths, the Accounting group has identified a number of research streams for the coming years. These research streams are drawn from current and emerging social, environmental, political, economic and health issues or questions. For example, these issues are reflected in the following: themes set out by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contemporary debates on the role of transparency reforms, reporting initiatives (e.g. IASB Foundation; EU’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive), the future of the accounting and auditing profession, climate change, the role of the corporation (e.g. British Academy’s Future of the Corporation), widening socio-economic inequalities, equality, diversity and inclusion, the role of the State, and finally the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a group, we contend that accounting, reporting, financial technologies and governance mechanisms are deeply implicated in these issues.

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Research update

Professor Ileana Steccolini is part of the international team who co-edited the special issue of Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal titled The pervasive role of accounting and accountability during the COVID-19 emergency, outlining the key role of accounting in targeting resources to battle the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Magda Abou-Seada
Senior Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Financial & Corporate Reporting; Narrative Reporting; Voluntary Disclosures; Accounting Education; Integrated Reporting; International Financial Reporting; Issues in Accounting Profession
Pawan Adhikari
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Accounting in Less Developed Countries; Government Accounting and Budgeting; Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs, GFSM, PEFA); Accounting History
Rafia Afrin
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Dila Agrizzi
Senior Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: performance management issues in the field of healthcare; Management control systems within in healthcare organisations, particularly hospitals; the development of the accountancy profession across nations; gendering practices segregating women within the accounting profession in developing and non-Western countries
Jacob Agyemang
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Management accounting and control systems in developing and emerging economies; Management accounting and development issues in developing and emerging economies; Interdisciplinary research across management controy systems, entrepreneurship and development issues; Corporate governance
Md Shoaib Ahmed
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Accounting and corruption; Accounting and workplace incivilities / deviance; Management accounting control; Organisational violence; Exclusion and inequality
Shaila Ahmed
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Corporate governance; Family business; Labour governance, CSR and sustainability practices in developing countries; Interdisciplinary and qualitative research
Thankom Arun
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Global Development and Development Finance.; Emerging economies; Financial Inclusion, Technology based financial delivery/services, Microfinance and Microinsurance; Issues in Corporate Governance, Disclosure and Social responsibility; Hybrid Organisations and Social Enterprises; Issues in Sustainable Development
Muhammad Ashraf
Reader, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Management Accounting; Management Control; Public Sector Financial Management; Organizational Fraud; Gender and Precarious Work
John Azure
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Fitra Cahaya
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Sustainability reporting; Accounting and governance in developing countries; Disclosure practices in developing countries; Corporate governance
Osamuyimen Egbon
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Social/Environmental/Sustainability Reporting; Accounting in the public interest; Accountability of multinational corporations in emerging economies; Corporate-community relations; Sustainable development goals; Public sector accountability in developing economies; Water accounting
Silvia Gaia
Senior Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Corporate Governance; Executive remuneration; Shareholders activism; Voluntary disclosure; Financial reporting; Social performance and Business Ethics; Social and environmental reporting
Maria Ishaque
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Role of Professional Accounting in UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Role of Professional Accounting in Combating Modern Slavery
Abdullahi Ishola
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Corporate reporting; Financial Reporting; Integrated reporting; Sustainability reporting; Accounting in emerging economies; Corporate governance; Climate change accounting and reporting; Corporate social responsibility
Kelum Jayasinghe
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Danson Kimani
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Tax accounting; Emerging technologies and innovations in accounting; Accounting for the environment; Public sector accounting and accountability; Corporate governance in emerging economies
Azimjon Kuvandikov
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Corporate Governance; Mergers and Acquisitions; Board of directors; Corporate governance roles of the board of directors; Stock ownership of directors; Corporate governance impact of activist hedge funds (AHFs); Board diversity; Institutional investors; Executive equity ownership; Activist shareholders
Hao Lan
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Corporate Finance; Financial Text Analysis; Financial Reporting
Andre Lino
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Public Sector Auditing; Public Financial Management Reforms; Co-production of public services; Financial Resilience
Kamran Malikov
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Earnings Management; Corporate Events; Capital Markets Reasearch; Debt Covenants
Joshua Obeng-Nyarko
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Chaoyuan She
Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Social and Environmental Reporting; Social Media Communication
Teerooven Soobaroyen
Deputy Dean of Partnerships & Professor (R), EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Social and environmental reporting; Corporate governance; Non-profit accounting, accountability and governance; Accounting and governance in developing and emerging economies
Ileana Steccolini
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Governmental financial resilience; Public sector accounting reforms; Roles, uses and users of accounting information in public services; Performance measurement in public services; Roles of accounting and accountability in inclusive public services and societies; Corruption and Supreme Audit Institutions; Digitalization of public services, accounting and accountability; Inclusion, participation and coproduction in public services: roles for accounting and accountability systems
Shahzad Uddin
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Management accounting; Corporate Governance, CSR and Sustainability; Accounting and Economic Development; New Public Management and Governance
Bedanand Upadhaya
Senior Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Corporate social responsibility/Sustainability practices in emerging/developing countries
Rebecca Warren
Lecturer in Accounting, EBS - Accounting
Chaminda Wijethilake
Senior Lecturer, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Social and environmental accounting and its implications for the question of mundane governance in waste management; The use of social and environmental accounting in lean manufacturing; Performance implications of adopting sustainable logistics and supply chains in emerging markets; Performance measurement and governance in production and operations

Highlights of our research


Below is a selection of our most notable publications:


Our members are frequently invited to speak and attend high profile academic events. Below is a selection of some of our notable appearances:

Accounting and Accountability in Emerging Economies Conference (the biannual international conference and a doctoral colloquium), 2018.

Workshop for the Management Control Association on Strong Structuration Theory. 2017.

Workshop on critical realism and accounting, from which a special issue of Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 2016.

Paper develop ment workshop organised in association with British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA).2016.

Please see my email correspondence to view the correct format for displaying events.

Press and in the news

Our academic staff frequently feature within the wider press and media. Below are some examples of their latest appearances:

Notable contributions

The Accounting group contributed heavily to the rapid growth of academic research on accounting in emerging economies, and it has become recognized as a significant field within much of accounting academia. This is marked by the founding in 2010 of specialist research journal, the Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies (JAEE) of which Professor Shahzad Uddin is founding editor, special editions of leading journals on topics in this area, and generally growing contributions from a wide variety of countries. Professor Shahzad Uddin is also the founding president of BAFA Special Interest Group on Emerging Economies.

Professor Teerooven is currently the President of the British Accounting and Finance Association (2020-2022) and President of the African Accounting and Finance Association (2019-2021). He is also a Vice President At-Large (2020-2022) of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER).

Ileana Steccolini is the editor of Financial Accountability and Management and of the book series of Accounting and Accountability in Public Services. She is the founder and chair of the Public Service Accounting and Accountability Special Interest Group, where group members are actively involved to contribute to the Special Interest Group mission to explore publicness in accounting research, and the role of accountability and accounting in the public sector.

The members of the group are also involved in editorial boards, as well as in editing special issues, of relevant public sector and accounting journals.

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Contact us
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