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Take control of your future

You get more than just a degree with Essex Business School, you get a head start on your career. 

Our courses are designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge that you will need for an exciting career. You are taught by expert academics who, alongside their teaching responsibilities, are working with local organisations, helping them to solve their business challenges. 
In this way, you can be certain that your learning is at the cutting edge of business expertise. 

You’ll have access to tailored support from the University’s Student Development Team, who can provide all the training you need in finding and securing your dream job. Furthermore, many of our courses are professionally accredited giving your career a head start by offering exemptions from professional qualifications.  

We regularly welcome guest speakers from a range of sectors to contribute to your teaching so you understand the priority issues facing businesses today. So whether you are looking to graduate into a role with a global corporate firm, a regional powerhouse or a local start-up, we’ll give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. 

How will a degree from Essex Business School benefit my career?

What professional skills will I develop?

  • You can graduate with enhanced quantitative skills by taking parting in specific Q-step modules. Employers are always looking for graduates with confident numerical skills and the Q-step award in addition to your degree is great evidence that you have strong quantitative skills.
  • Professional accreditation gives your career a head start by allowing you to move into a professional role faster. Many of our courses are professionally accredited and give you exemptions from some professional exams. 
  • Whilst studying at Essex Business School you will have access to the Bloomberg virtual trading floor facility which features 12 Bloomberg Terminals with financial and real-time data feed. It's a hands-on facility that offers students at all levels the opportunity to learn essential portfolio management skills by training you on the Bloomberg platform that you will use everyday if you graduate into the financial sector.

How will Essex Business School help me start my own business?

  • Essex Business School students and graduates will have the opportunity to work alongside the The Essex Startups team who will support you in starting your own business by helping discuss, develop, test and launch your ideas. 
  • Throughout the academic year, The Essex Startups team host a variety of workshops, bootcamps, funding competitions and activities, all tailored to help you get business ready. You can find these by searching for 'Essex Startups' on CareerHub.

How will my degree help me succeed in a challenging job market?

  • Whilst studying at Essex Business School you will have the opportunity hear from a number of guest speakers from a range of industries, who can share their insights into working in their particular sector. This will help make sure what you learn in the classroom is relevant to the workplace. Learn more by reading Dr Thanos Verousis's blog post.
  • Our graduates are highly sought after for their unique skills, as evidenced by one of our graduate employers, Oliver Bourne, Co-Founder of WYSPR. He said: "Essex provides a graduate talent pool that is simply unique. Essex seems to attract people who do not conform, the University then spurs on their curiosity and provides them with the opportunity to explore the weird and wonderful. For innovative and pioneering startups like us here at WYSPR, unique and different perspectives are essential for progress and Essex graduates offer that in abundance."
  • Our annual undergraduate conference, Successful Futures, aims to bring our students closer to business and issues affecting the global economy. Each conference is themed around a topical business issue and guest speakers join our student to discuss their experiences of the issue within their workplace or industry. From robots to crypto-currencies, Successful Futures encourages you to expand your ideas and apply yourself to a world where you will be the difference.



Can I do a work placement as part of my course?

You can do a placement year with any of our undergraduate degrees at Essex Business School (students on our language courses can opt for a study abroad or work abroad placement year) - it's the best way to gain some hands-on experience for your CV. 

The Student Development Team work with our students to help you apply for nationwide placement schemes, such as those with Lloyds Banking Group and Samsung, as well as for more tailored opportunities at fast-growing SMEs and startup companies. 

We'll support you through the whole process of securing a work placement. From the research right at the start of your second year, through to coaching you for writing your application and attending interviews and assessment centres - we'll be on hand to help. 



"At Footprint Digital we are building a team that learns, plays and grows together. A team that supports each other to do the best work of our careers and deliver results that make us all proud. Essex graduates embody exactly what we look for in a Footprinter. They are sponges, not stones. They are curious, always looking to improve and work together to make it happen."
Tom Bowden Director of footprint digital
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