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Welcome to our investment platform for start-ups

Following the announcement in September 2019 that the we are a designated University Enterprise Zone, we launched Angels@Essex, an invitation-only crowdfunding platform that links angel investors to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, allowing new and exciting disruptive technologies to flourish.

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During spring and summer 2020 successful Angels@Essex investments have included:

  • BODYSWAPS, EdTech’s immersive B2B learning platform which received an initial £150k investment
  • MusicTech’s AI-powered song search platform MyPart
  • Security data storage innovator Anzen Technology

The Angels@Essex team is particularly interested in projects from the creative digital sector or integrating augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Potential investors can contact the team to join the network of investors on its platform so they can view and support the latest opportunities.

Pitching showcase

The Investing in the East of England pitching showcase, held on 30 July 2020, has also helped a further eight startups, including B2B SaaS, agritech and automotive companies, attract the interest of no less than 64 investors. The online event, which was co-organised by the University of Essex, UK Business Angels, Anglia Capital Group and UEA, was aimed at helping start-ups gain investment for up to £2 million.

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