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Your investment platform for growing businesses

Angels@Essex is an invitation-only investment platform that links angel investors to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, allowing new disruptive technologies to flourish.

The platform is supported by our team of experts, who work with investors and entrepreneurs to ensure that both parties are ready for the exciting journey ahead. 

Are you a business innovator?

Driven by our new status as a designated University Enterprise Zone, granted in September 2019, we launched Angels@Essex. Now we’re calling for business innovators to join us.

We are looking for ideas that are going to change the way we do things. We want to enable innovation that is new and disrupts previous thinking. That can include machine learning, AI, VR, creative digital – as long as it brings something new to the table. If you have the innovative mindset to change the world, we want to help.

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"New ideas will be key to rebuilding our economy and Angels@Essex will nurture those ideas. We aspire to create a more sustainable future, which will create a healthier economy."
John Stenhouse Business support manager  University Enterprise Zone

Investors - how to register

If you are an investor with an eye for fresh ideas, we want to hear from you. Potential investors can contact the team to join the network of investors and fund managers on the Angels@Essex platform. Here, you will be able to view for free and support live opportunities.

It is easy to sign up to Angels@Essex, simply email the University Enterprise Zone team at

Entrepreneurs - get in touch

Interested in joining us? Email your contact details to the University Enterprise Zone team at

Join the platform

The Angels@Essex platform allows entrepreneurs to display their pitch decks to a select number of invited investors. Our fully FCA-compliant platform is totally free. We take no incentives, no commissions, and no fees. It’s secure and easy to use – once you have gone through the simple sign-up process, you can get started right away.

Meet Our Investment Alumni

Some of the amazing opportunities featured on the Angels@Essex platform during the spring and summer of 2020 have included:

  • BODYSWAPS: Immersive behavioural change platform – raised an initial £697,000.
  • Conigital: Driverless AI and Optimised Fleets – raised over £1m
  • BidnStay: Unique auction software to sell unsold accommodation – raised seed £20,000
  • WYSPR: Influencing brand marketing in an authentic manner – raised seed £20,000
  • MyPart: AI-powered song search platform – raised $1M.
  • Spark EV: Low-carbon automotive innovation – raised £740,000 and was nominated for the Net Zero 1.0 Award.

Angels@Essex - Female Founders and Investors

Angels@Essex - Female Founders and Investors is a female-led network that helps female-led tech businesses to find the right investors. This initiative will offer support that addresses the specific needs, challenges and goals of female founders and investors. We welcome both parties into the inclusive Angels@Essex community. Look out for our events and follow us on Twitter @AngelsEssexFFI

Angels@Essex embraces the Investing in Women Code. This is a commitment to support the advancement of female entrepreneurship in the United Kingdom by improving female entrepreneurs' access to tools, resources, and finance from the financial services sector. Angels@Essex is committed to making that vision a reality.

To catch-up with the latest from Angels@Essex - Female Founders and Investors, view the highlights from our latest session and listen to the Angels@Essex - Female Founders and Investors podcast. 

View our Events Calendar to register for our upcoming Angels@Essex - Female Founders and Investors events.

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Get in touch
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