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Your equity investment platform for innovative opportunities

Angels@Essex is a free, invitation-only investment platform that links Angel Investors to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, allowing new disruptive technologies to flourish.

Supporting innovative businesses

Innovation and creativity form the bedrock of progress and growth. Our mission is to create valuable connections between investors and businesses to enable innovation with the potential to disrupt previous thinking. This includes industries at the forefront of innovation such as science, technology, low carbon design and manufacturing, machine learning, AI, VR, and creative digital.

If you have the appetite to support innovation in its many forms, we are here to help. 

Join the success

Disruptive bleeding-edge tech companies secured a staggering £60m of funding in just 42 months after being supported by Angels@Essex. This impressive sum is verified by industry tracker Beauhurst.

We are members of the UKBAA Association and members of the UKRI Investor Partnerships future economy programme. This programme brings together Innovate UK’s use of grant funding, and investor partners’ aligned funding and expertise.

Our aim is to stimulate research and development in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, while accelerating equity investment into those companies so that they can grow more rapidly through innovation.

Investors: How to register

If you are an investor with an eye for fresh ideas, we want to hear from you. Potential investors can contact the team to join the network of investors and fund managers on the Angels@Essex platform. Here you will be able to view and support live opportunities with the knowledge that every opportunity presented on the Angels@Essex platform has gone through rigorous assessments.

It is easy to sign up to Angels@Essex, simply email with your contact details, heading your email with Investor Enquiry in the subject line, for an informal conversation.

We comply with FCA and FPO rules and guidance and all investor applications are required to undergo checks to meet compliance requirements.

Our Investment Alumni

Some of the amazing opportunities featured on the Angels@Essex platform have included:

Investment risk

It is important to understand the risks involved with any investment. Due to the potential for losses, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) considers investments via Angels@Essex to be high risk. Read the Conduct of Business Sourcebook Risk Summary (.pdf) for further information.

Please note: If you have any complaints about investment loss please contact the FCA directly.

Entrepreneurs: Get in touch

The Angels@Essex platform allows entrepreneurs to display their pitch decks to a select number of invited investors. Our fully FCA-compliant platform is totally free. We take no incentives, no commissions, and no fees.

The platform is secure and easy to use – once you have gone through our appraisal and due diligence process, you can get started right away.

Interested in joining us? Find out more.

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