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Successful Futures Conference


Your Future. Your Conference.

The Successful Futures Conference is a unique opportunity for Essex Business School students to test their potential and experience future possibilities up-close and personal.

It's the annual professional development and careers conference just for students. From robots to crypto-currencies, Successful Futures encourages Essex Business School students to expand their ideas and apply themselves to a world where they will be the difference.

The Essex Business School (EBS) learning and employability team present the annual Successful Futures conference for all EBS students. Unlike any other careers event at Essex, Successful Futures is hands on. Get your hands dirty in the world of modern business, finance and management, done how you do it. NOT how they did it.

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Successful Futures 2018 - The Future of Work

Successful Futures 2018 was a step into the future for Essex Business School students where they had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the technologies and platforms that are changing the way we work.

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"Successful Futures is excellent, informative, inspiring. As a first year undergraduate I feel I have gained such a good insight into the future of work in general and for myself.”

Past conferences

Previous conferences have taken place over several days to allow EBS students to drop in as their convenience, but the 2018 conference took on an altogether slicker and more professional format, allowing Essex Business School students to experience a real conference environment.

The 2017 conference saw EBS students confront a variety of industry sectors and ask questions about whether or not they are suited to that career path. We were also graced by Stylist and Vlogger Sophie Hannah Richardson who encouraged EBS students to embrace their interests and how to build a successful personal brand.