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MBA students from Essex Business School in the Innovation Centre café

An international student and alumni community

Our students and alumni are each unique and inspirational. They champion sustainable and ethical business and are impatient to do business better.

Essex Business School students and alumni are a hugely diverse community. They represent over 100 nationalities and have expertise across accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management and marketing.

Hear from them in their own words.

Essex Business School students

Our students come from all over the world, we are very proud of our internationally diverse student body. Business is an international language and new students can expect to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds.

BSc Banking and Finance Student Dorota Hotova stands in the Essex Business School Winter Garden wearing a light pink jumper.
"What I like about studying finance is that it can be quite challenging to learn all of the concepts but they can be quite flexible and can be applied to many things. You can think on your feet and you can apply theorems to completely new areas and see what happens."
Dorota Hotova BSc Banking and Finance (Including Placement Year)

Essex Business School alumni

Essex Business School is now home to the subjects of accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, management and marketing. However, many of our alumni studied with us when we were known as the School of Accounting, Finance and Management back in the early days of the University. 

Du Li, 2010 MSc Accounting and Finance graduate, poses on a rocky beach wearing sunglasses and summer clothes. She is smiling beautifully.
"My undergraduate major was in finance and I needed a Masters degree to be able to face fierce competition for jobs in China. MSc Accounting and Finance at Essex helped me to train my way of thinking and writing. This training enabled me to write high-quality academic articles and improve my knowledge of the field of accounting and finance."
Du Li MSc Accounting and Finance, 2010 Essex Business School