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Entrepreneurship, innovation and international management fuel the growth of regions

The Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Internationalisation (REIMI) is a recognised interdisciplinary centre, both nationally and internationally.

Our researchers are proud to contribute to a hub of research and training for entrepreneurship, innovation management and internationalisation. We focus on the following objectives and activities:

  • Emerging as a hub of practice in the three areas drawing on existing links with local government and industry established through the ESRC Business and Local Government Data Centre.
  • Providing thought leadership in the three areas of entrepreneurship, international management and innovation, whilst drawing thought leaders in the three areas to interact with our our centre.
  • Creating a high quality PhD programme by leveraging the strengths of the research centre.
  • Applying for and obtaining grants for research in these three areas to support current research and build robust research networks for future research.
Why work with us?
  • We work with a wide range of researchers, students, business executives and policy makers.
  • We welcome contributions to our activities from both industry and academic backgrounds.
  • We are working to provide robust research networks, supporting current research activities and fueling cutting edge research of the future.

Highlights from our work 

Our recent activities 

Our events

March - May 2021    

November - December 2020 

  • Professor Andrew Henley from Cardiff Business School (UK) presented his research on “Resilience of the Self-Employed to the Impacts of Covid-19” in a seminar. - December 2020
  • Professor Chris Williams from NEOMA Business School (France) presented his research on “Innovation vs. Tradition in Small Wine Producing Firms: Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Role of External Pressures” in a seminar. - November 2020



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Research and practice

We aim to be thought leaders in research and practice of entrepreneurship, international management and innovation.  We are proud of the impactful nature of our research which has in many cases influenced policy and practice in these areas.

Our current research and impact:

Dr Misagh Tasavori advises on entrepreneurship education and training in Iran

Dr Misagh Tasavori collaborated with a company in Iran to assess an initial 5,000 students for their business acumen. The pilot research revealed that the majority didn’t have the characteristics, such as creativity, independence, innovation and risk-taking, necessary to be a success in business. This prompted the Ministry of Education in Iran to order a wider study, and in May 2015 over two million students, aged 13-15, were surveyed with very similar results. It became clear a major entrepreneurship education programme was needed to address the problem.

Read the full research impact case study.

Dr Caleb Kwong wins a grant to research refugee entrepreneurship as a means of integration

Dr Caleb Kwong is working with a number of teams across the world to look at the challenges that refugees and internally displaced persons faced in starting up a business, as well as the institutional supports and policy challenges.

Dr Suma Athreye probes the barriers to patenting and trademarking with the UK Intellectual Property Office

Working with the UK Intellectual Property Office and the Office of National Statistics, Dr Suma Athreye developed a survey tool which shed light on the reasons why innovating firms may not use patents or trademarks to protect their most valuable innovations.

View the evidence from the SIPU 2015 survey.

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