Research Project

REAMIT - Improving Resource Efficiency of Agribusiness supply chains by Minimising waste using Big Data and Internet of Things sensors

Principal Investigator
Professor Ramakrishnan Ramanathan

Supporting European efforts to tackle food waste

Currently, 88 million tonnes of food are wasted every year in North-Western Europe, and of that, approximately a third has rotted, or become otherwise inedible while in transit. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are all lost in vast quantities on the roads of Europe heading from the farms to the supermarkets, which not only costs money but also increases CO2 emissions.

The REAMIT project, co-ordinated by the University of Bedfordshire, and of which Essex Business School are a member of, proposes to adapt and apply existing innovative technology to food supply chains in North-Western Europe, to reduce this food waste and improve resource efficiency.

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Professor Ramakrishnan Ramanathan
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Essex Business School is supporting European efforts to tackle food waste by joining an innovative international project using technology to improve food supply chains.

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