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Comparative Psychoanalysis

A hand drawn map of links between names of psychoanalyst theorists.

Studying controversy and dialogue in psychoanalysis

Intellectual, personal and institutional conflict is endemic in the history of psychoanalysis. Alongside this there are creative efforts to establish understanding and communication between perspectives.

The work of our research group includes historical reassessment, conceptual clarification, clinical exploration, reflection on the future of psychoanalysis and attempts to articulate the conditions for fruitful dialogue. The image used to represent this research group was created by Dr Ernst Falzeder, a respected researcher of psychoanalytic movements and friend of the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex.

We encourage and support applications for PhD research projects related to the research interests of our members. Please click on the profiles of the members to discover their areas of research. Alternatively, you can send a preliminary enquiry to Professor Matt Ffytche, Director of Graduate Studies in the Department or to Dr David Henderson, Organiser of the Research Group.

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