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Building on our academic and practical expertise, we offer a range of CPD opportunities. These have been developed to support individuals and organisations in the health, social care and education sectors, in their work with both children and adults.

Many of our modules may be taken for continuing professional development purposes.

Our courses

Group Relations Conference

Our next conference, will be held 1 - 3 March 2024.

Study the unconscious life of groups from the inside.

This conference is an experiential and accelerated learning event which is suitable for anyone who works in groups or complex organisations, whether in intense business, therapeutic or social work settings, or emergency services, armed forces or HMPs.  

The conference itself becomes a temporary organisational system in which individual, group and organisational dynamics can be explored live as they happen within a series of different group contexts each with its own set task. 

While we are a temporary organisation, the conference is not a closed system since we all bring with us into the setting our familial and societal experiences of this period. While the conference is an opportunity for individual and group learning it is also a chance to research and better understand our responses and relations to the period in which we live, or which lives in us. 

Location: University of Essex Colchester Campus

Prices (excluding accommodation):

University of Essex Students/Staff - £550

External Attendees - £650

An early bird discount of £50 is available until 30 January 2024. 

Accommodation can be booked separately via Event Essex. 

Working with children with additional needs and their families using the MAZE approach

MAZE is for you if you work with children and young people with Additional Needs (CAN) and, or, their families.

It provides insight into additional needs such as autism and understanding of the particular impact of such needs on children's experience of the world and their impact on those caring for them.