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Research leading to action

At Essex we believe in research that allows people to take informed action. Our University was founded on interdisciplinarity and activism, and we draw on a broad range of perspectives to investigate what it means to be human.

As well as understanding the complexities of what it is to be human, our mission is to put human dignity and human rights at the heart of how we study the humanities, as well as to ground our work in real-life problems.

Working across disciplines – new methods for a new world

Universities are typically organised according to subject boundaries and are assessed and peer-reviewed along these lines. Yet the most pressing human problems of our time lie across and between such disciplinary areas.

Essex was founded on the principle of interdisciplinarity, and we maintain the flexibility of spirit and collaborative ethos to work across these areas as the situation demands.

Real people with real problems

Our common focus is on people in positions of vulnerability and marginality. We use our research and education to engage with the most urgent challenges to human dignity, in the places where they are most severely felt.

Our academics cover a broad range of interests and expertise but are bound by a shared set of concerns and a common social agenda.

Alix Green
Re-framing research agenda to engage audiences

Writing for the Times Higher Education, Dr Alix Green from the Department of History has described how her co-designed approach to projects can improve research impact.

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