Centre for Research in Language Development throughout the Lifespan (LaDeLi)

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Language is fundamental to our lives

We use it for thinking, communicating, learning and nearly everything else we do.

We are a team of internationally renowned researchers covering all aspects of language development throughout the lifespan. The broad range of the research undertaken by our members makes us uniquely interdisciplinary, merging theories and methodologies from linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, sociology and education. As the first centre in the UK to look at language throughout the lifespan, we seek to answer difficult questions:

  • how do we learn languages, and how do our languages change throughout our lives?
  • what is different about learning a second language compared to learning a first? And how do the different languages in our minds interact?
  • how do multiple languages shape our identity?
  • what if we stop using our first language regularly or we suffer trauma? Can we lose our first language?

Our Centre

Our research areas

Our research looks at three key areas: early language development, language in later life and second language learning and teaching.

Early language development

Our research on early language development examines how children learn sounds, words and sentences in their first language, and how language(s) develop and influence each other in bilingual and multilingual children.

Language in later life

Development does not stop at the end of childhood, of course. We can and do learn more as we go through life, and contrary to what people might think, we can in fact learn new languages at any age.

Our research includes a focus on language in later life where we look at how older adults learn and use language(s).

Second language learning and teaching

We are experts in research on second language learning and teaching. We look at how children, adolescents and adults acquire and develop a second or additional language beyond their first language and which factors influence such development.

In addition, we look at how languages can best be taught, and what impacts on the success or otherwise of language instruction in the classroom.

Our resources for teachers and parents

Our Centre provides information and resources on bilingualism for parents, families, teachers, schools, language professionals and policy makers through the East of England branch of Bilingualism Matters. Set up in 2008, Bilingualism Matters is an international network of researchers, providing a wealth of information for individuals and organisations looking to further their understanding of bilingual language learning. 

We also host the Research in Primary Languages (RiPL) network for researchers, practising teachers, teacher educators and policy makers interested in the use and learning of languages in the primary-school classroom. Our founding member Professor Florence Myles manages this national network of researchers, helping to support and improve foreign language learning.

Our research activities

We organise and engage in a range of activities which contribute to the impact of our Centre. From articles in the press, hosting workshops for researchers and language practitioners, to one-off talks by invited leading expert speakers, our Centre is at the forefront of research into language development throughout the lifespan.

To learn about the engaging work we are involved in, please read more about our research.

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The LaDeLi Centre is located in the Department of Language and Linguistics at the University of Essex. We are home to a vibrant community of staff and students, working at the cutting edge of language development research. Our range of Masters courses and many PhD students make this one of the most dynamic places in the country to study language development.

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