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Are you bold enough to question? Brave enough to be the change? Curious enough to be the creator of new knowledge? If this is you, there are so many exciting undergraduate and postgraduate courses for you to choose from that are shaped and taught by leading researchers in our School.

Our students and staff are curious to understand how the world works and eager to find out how they can make a difference in it. If you're interested in studying diverse and complex regions with rich cultural heritage, have original ideas and opinions on current and topical social issues and love to learn about the major events, people, and ideas that have shaped life as we know it today, you're in the right place.

Our world is complex, interconnected, and fascinating all at once. It needs imaginative thinkers and go-getters like you to continue learning about its intricacies so that you can bring progressive change, and build a better future of global citizenship. 

Our school is home to undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering topics in history, art history, and philosophy. You can also study interdisciplinary degrees which cover five exciting areas including global studies, European studies, Latin American studies, American (US) studies, and liberal arts.

Get to know your new home by exploring what it means to be an undergraduate, Masters, or PhD student in our School. Explore career advice and opportunities, learn about your lecturers and research supervisors, find out about our research and so much more.


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Global Studies Latin American Studies Art History European Studies Philosophy History Liberal Arts American (US) Studies
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  • 8th in the UK for American Studies in the Complete University Guide 2023
  • 3rd in the UK for overall student satisfaction for Liberal Arts (National Student Survey 2022)
  • We’re 28th in the UK for Philosophy in the Guardian University Guide 2024