Liberal arts

The subjects we study at school are tiny pieces of an infinite jigsaw.

Liberal arts
Taken in isolation, history, science, maths, geography, art, modern languages and literature only reveal a small part of the overall picture.

Liberal Arts takes a different approach, drawing on multiple disciplines in order to discover new knowledge and reach a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit.

It means taking a philosophical approach to thinking, analysing great works of art and literature, interpreting history and politics and understanding how this affects the world we live in today. Liberal Arts is the art of free thinking.

Why study here?
  • Study at one of the UK’s leading universities for social science and the best for politics.
  • You have the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad at one of our partner institutions.
  • Our flexible structure and wide range of optional modules means our students become versatile, highly-sought and intellectually imaginative graduates.
THE Awards 2018 - Winner University of the Year

Interdisciplinary study was a founding principle of Essex. It is built into the very fabric of our campus.

Our famous University squares are designed to encourage knowledge transfer and collaboration. We're sharing new ideas and challenging the status quo from an interdisciplinary perspective - rounding on our expertise in history, literature, politics, law and human rights, sociology, art history and philosophy.

Studying Liberal Arts as a postgraduate means you can approach issues of global importance, such as environmental sustainability, indigenous rights, digital worlds and more, with support and insight from a wide variety of subject areas. 

Why we're great
  • Our staff are experts in their field and our common interest in the environment is key to our research.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in field trips throughout your studies.
  • Our flexible course structure enables you to pursue the modules best-suited to your interests.
THE Awards 2018 - Winner University of the Year
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