Latin American studies

Latin America is at the heart of issues of global importance.

Latin American studies

Latin America is one of the most fascinating and complex areas of the world. 

Home to a rich diversity of indigenous people with their own customs and beliefs, from the 16th century the land was aggressively colonised by Western-European migrants. They brought disease and destruction, and imposed the religions and languages of home. Yet from these violent origins, nations and cultures arose – hybrids of the old and new.

Today the region faces ongoing environmental and socio-political issues, while developing art and literature inspired by its troubled history, rich culture and sublime landscapes. At Essex we deepen your knowledge of Latin America by observing it though lenses from across the humanities and social sciences.

You can also add a language to your degree, choosing from Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.

Why study here?
  • We house the internationally important collection of Latin American art, ESCALA.
  • Spend a year studying in Latin America, developing your Spanish or Portuguese language skills.
  • You can build a course to suit your interests in Latin America by choosing from a range of modules.
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We work on issues of global importance such as indigenous rights, transitional justice and environmental sustainability.

At Essex we have been committed to the study of Latin America since 1964 when our founding Vice-Chancellor, Sir Albert Sloman, declared the need ‘to dispel prevailing prejudice and ignorance of the region’. Many preconceptions still exist but our vibrant community of staff, students, alumni and artists challenge them on a daily basis.

Why study here?
  • Study our unique research and teaching collection of art from Latin America (ESCALA).
  • Be part of our thriving Latin American learning community of students, staff and alumni.
  • Gain access to our outstanding collection of 100,000 books on Latin America.
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