Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

A Latin American Studies Centre was founded at the University of Essex in 1968 which has since then been a leading centre in the UK.

Recently renamed the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, it includes among its resources the Albert Sloman Library's collection of Latin American material (recognised as a national resource) as well as the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA) – the largest such collection in public hands in Europe.

Our strengths
  • Outstanding research over a wide range of disciplines
  • One of the oldest established centres for Latin American Studies in the UK
  • The largest public collection of Latin Amerian Art in Europe

Recent news and articles from our members:

Funding opportunities for students from Latin America


Between the 25 February - 25 March 2022, the 'Art of Dispersion' exhibition curated by Dr Sarah Demelo and Diego Chocano was held at the Art Exchange. The exhibition showcases influential Xerography artists León Ferrari and Hudinilson Jr, to explore their appropriation of commercial printing techniques as a means for institutional critique and political emancipation.

Watch the video below, or find out more information about the exhibition.

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