Research Cluster

Human Rights and the Environment

Our members

Andrew Fagan
Director of the Human Rights Centre - Senior Lecturer (R), School of Law - Human Rights Centre
Anna Di Ronco
Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology
Research interests: Regulation and social control of uncivil behaviour; Criminalisation of sex work; Urban policing; Environmental movements/protest; Non-science-based health practices and their social harm; urban studies; social media protest
Chris Greer
Pro-Vice Chancellor Research and Professor (R), Department of Sociology
Research interests: Trial by Media; Scandal; Serious Youth Violence; Victimology; Celebrity
Colin Samson
Professor, Department of Sociology
Research interests: Indigenous Peoples; Human Rights; Ethnic Studies; Colonialism; American Studies; Environmental Issues; Arts and Literature
Eliana Cusato
Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: environment, peace and security; critical approaches to international law; business and human rights in conflict situations; environmental/climate justice; human rights and international political economy; laws of war
Emily Jones
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Emerging Military Technologies including Autonomous Weapons Systems and Human Enhancement Technologies; Posthuman Legal Theory; Gender and Conflict; Feminist and Queer approaches to International Law; Science, Technology and the Law; The Rights of Nature; International Environmental Law/Human Rights and the Environment; TWAIL/Postcolonial approaches to International Law; Deep-Sea Mining Regulation; Outer Space Law
Geoff Gilbert
Professor, School of Law
Research interests: International Refugee Law; Extradition Law; International Criminal Law; International Humanitarian Law; International Human Rights Law; International Minority Rights Law
Gina Reinhardt
Professor, Department of Government
Research interests: DrReinhardts work examines how decision-making under uncertainty affects the distribution of wealth in society.; She focuses her work on the political economy of foreign aid, economic and social development, and the political and policy implications of disasters. This pursuit has drawn her inquiry in fascinating directions.; She has studied race, trust, and migration; the construction of trust by the media across levels of government; and how the allocation of foreign aid conditions its performance effectiveness.; DrReinhardt also researches political methodology, and applies established models to new problems and topics.; Her work on survey measures, experimental design, and signalling games has been seen inPolitical Analysis,theJournal of Risk Research, and the Journal of Theoretical Politics.
Graham Underwood
Professor, School of Life Sciences
Research interests: Microalgae (diatom) biofilm ecology and physiology; Estuarine ecology and functioning (fish, shellfish and invertebrates); sea ice microbiology and organic carbon cycling; The ecology of microphytobenthos (benthic microalgae) in coastal ecosystems,
Jane Hindley
Senior Lecturer, School of Philosophy and Art History
Judith Bueno De Mesquita
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Research interests: Health and human rights; Economic, social and cultural rights; Climate change; International development and human rights; Poverty and human rights
Karen Hulme
Professor, School of Law
Research interests: Laws of armed conflict; Environmental law; Human rights and the environment
Katy Wheeler
Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology
Research interests: Sociology of consumption and consumer culture; Consumption Work; Ethical consumption and Fairtrade; Recycling and waste management; Moral economy and political economy; Food provisioning; Sustainability and climate change; Theories of practice; Qualitative interviewing and analysis
Katya Al Khateeb
Senior Research Officer, School of Law
Lisa Blackmore
Senior Lecturer, School of Philosophy and Art History
Research interests: Modernity in Latin America; Visual culture; Space and politics; Memory politics; Human-nature relations; Water, hydraulics, liquid ecologies in the arts; Environmental aesthetics; Photography; Digital culture; Contemporary visual production in Latin America; VENEZUELA RESEARCH NETWORK. With Dr. Penélope Plaza (University of Reading), Dr. Rebecca Jarman (University of Leeds).
Nicholas Beuret
Lecturer, EBS - Management and Marketing
Research interests: Science and Technology Studies (particularly around environmental issues); Environmental politics and contemporary issues in sustainability; Infrastructure and logistics; Philosophy and Political Economy
Kelum Jayasinghe
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Rekha Rao-Nicholson
Professor, EBS - Management and Marketing
Research interests: Strategy in emerging economies and emerging-market MNCs; Management and economics of innovation in developed and developing countries; Economic development and sustainability; M&As - Leadership and performance
Stephen Turner
Senior Lecturer, School of Law
Thankom Arun
Professor, EBS - Accounting
Research interests: Global Development and Development Finance.; Emerging economies; Financial Inclusion, Technology based financial delivery/services, Microfinance and Microinsurance; Issues in Corporate Governance, Disclosure and Social responsibility; Hybrid Organisations and Social Enterprises; Issues in Sustainable Development