Centre for Computational Intelligence

Part of School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

The Centre field of interests are in theory, design, application, and development of biologically, socially and linguistically motivated computational paradigms emphasising genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming, fuzzy systems, neural networks, connectionist systems and hybrid intelligent systems in which these paradigms are contained.

The centre includes experts from biological sciences, social sciences, mathematical sciences, Entrepreneurship and Business as well as experts from computer sciences and engineering.

The inter-disciplinary nature of the centre is hoped to break down the barriers between the different disciplines and sciences contributing to computational intelligence and hence creating strong collaboration between the centre members to develop a ground breaking research that will lead to major breakthroughs in the field.

Our centre contains the following research groups;

  • Smart Health Technologies Group
  • Research unit for Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Connected Societies Lab
  • Neuroinformatics and Computational Neuroscience Unit
  • Business Computing and Information Systems Lab
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