Research Project

AI-Driven Digital Transformation of Shipping and Haulage Operations

Principal Investigators
Dr Faiyaz Doctor
Dr Xinan Yang
Multicoloured shipping containers sitting on a dock, with a large blue crane in the background.

Using Artificial Intelligence to improve business operations

This project is focused on better utilisation of MSC’s operational and financial data through the utilisation of AI and simulation modelling approaches.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is a world leader in global container shipping and haulage. The project will develop and deploy unique intelligent digital twin simulation and modelling capabilities that will be built upon a data rich pipeline supported through machine learning algorithms.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Improve MSC’s decision making by applying machine learning techniques to historic and live data to gain deeper insight into blockages and interruptions to streamline performance of critical operations.
  • Develop a scenario planning platform for modelling simulations driven by MSCs own data combined with various external data such as currency prices, commodity prices, trends in customer behaviour and changes in GDP (UK and worldwide).
  • Apply innovative, nature inspired stochastic dynamic optimisation approaches to optimise resource allocations based on demand forecasting and distribution of haulage and shipping assets to increase capacity and efficiency in road and maritime supply chains.

Partners and funding

This project is being run as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with MSC UK, funded by InnovateUK.