School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Our Research

Today's research, tomorrow's world

We have an international reputation for the outstanding quality of our research which is grouped into two themes: artificial intelligence and communications systems. In the most recent UK Research Excellence Framework, more than two-thirds of our computer science research was classed as 'world leading' or 'internationally excellent' (REF 2014).

Key research areas

Our research is organised around two main themes: artificial intelligence (including intelligent systems, brain-computer interfaces, artificial intelligence for decision making, natural language and information processing, and robotics) and communications (for example, future networks and optoelectronics).

It is complemented by our research centres (Centre for Computational Finance and Economics Agents, Computational Intelligence Centre, and the interdiscplinary Institute for Analytics and Data Science) and supported by our extensive range of research laboratories and facilities.

Case Studies

From the impact of big data on personal privacy to using crowd sourcing for evidence of human rights abuses, our research is interdisciplinary and has the potential to improve lives across the globe.

  • Using data revolution to solve real world issues - Professor Maria Fasli is working to ensure that the benefits of the data revolution reach everyone, and that developing countries have the skills they need.
  • Big data, big threat? - What are the implications of big data on our privacy, democracy, and security? How can it be used to target humanitarian aid? Who gets to access it? This interdisciplinary project brings together researchers from CSEE, Sociology, Law, and the Human Rights Centre, as well as academics at the University of Cambridge and Queen Mary University of London.
  • Reporting wartime rights abuses - Researchers in CSEE developed a tool that utilises social media data mining, and live mapping, to allow real-time reporting of human rights violations in Iraq.

Our work with industry

Our staff have a wide range of research interests and we use these in our strong links with industry to work with organisations in a number of ways - from consultancy to PhD student sponsorships and knowledge transfer partnerships.