Research Project

Asset monitoring in facility management using Internet of Things and artificial intelligence

Principal Investigators
Dr Hossein Anisi
Dr Faiyaz Doctor

This project deals with a first-of-its-kind implementation of Internet of Things (IoT), moving away from reactive monitoring and into proactive asset care and insight, enabled by the UK's richest source of facilities management data.

We will develop an innovative self-learning IoT system that offers end-to-end lifetime care of assets thereby reducing costs to many Cloudfm customers, including big high street brands in the UK such as KFC and Pizza Express.

The system involves deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and development of data gathering infrastructures, run in tandem with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to ensure that data is captured, assessed/insight added, and then presented to the client in an effective and attractive way.

Additionally, data from the IoT Monitoring Platform will continue to be captured and used to train and evaluate the data-derived predictive models for detecting asset faults and evaluating the prescriptive recommendation system.

Partners and funding

This project is being run as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Cloudfm, funded by InnovateUK.