Centre for Computational Finance and Economic Agents (CCFEA)

Part of School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

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Blending computation, economics and finance

We are an innovative, laboratory-based teaching and research centre, with an international reputation for cutting-edge work combining economic and financial modelling with computer science.

Studying at CCFEA

Get a head start in financial services with our specialist postgraduate courses in computational finance. As an interdisciplinary Centre we bring together leading academics in the field from our University's departments of economics, computer science and business.

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Our Strengths

  • Cross-disciplinary syllabus incorporating the latest research
  • Practical hands-on instruction across all courses
  • Strong emphasis on skills and knowledge required by the industry
  • Hosting advanced workshops and seminars
  • Excellent links with government and industry

Outstanding research-led teaching

With very practical hands-on instruction from approachable, friendly lecturers and a highly cross-disciplinary syllabus, we place a strong emphasis on empirical work and make use of high-frequency data in both our research and our teaching. We are supported by our highly rated School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Department of Economics, and Essex Business School staff. CCFEA academics are internationally known experts in the field of computational finance and economics

Real-world research

Our group focuses on research in several different interdisciplinary areas, including algorithmic game theory, algorithmic trading and pricing derivatives. Our ultimate goal is to explore the synergy between computation, economics and finance.

Our research is geared towards theoretical analysis as well as practical applications of multi-agent systems motivated from real markets and other environments of competition. Our members have experience of applying their research both in industry and in advising the UK government.

Networks and links with industry

CCFEA academics are internationally known experts in the field of computational finance and economics. We have strong links with world renowned researchers in academic institutions all around the world, offering a network of potential collaborators to our students

Our academics are members of the IEEE Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee (TC), which consists of around 40 people from academia and industry worldwide. PhD students joining our Centre will be encouraged to become members of the TC and actively participate in it by organising events, such as international conferences and workshops. This offers unique networking opportunities, where our students could meet and collaborate with computational finance and economics experts from around the world.

Our activity

Our members actively engage in a variety of industrial projects, spanning across not only the financial sector but also other diverse fields. We harness innovation to empower businesses, fostering enhanced competitiveness and substantial improvements in their products and services.

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