Centre for Computational Intelligence

Postgraduate research

Completing your PhD with the Computational Intelligence Centre

The Computational Intelligence Centre is dedicated to supporting and guiding our PhD students throughout their academic journey. Our committed team regularly meet with students, providing supervision, support, guidance and valuable feedback on their work.

Computational Intelligence is a research area that brings together artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience and computational biology, with the aim of advancing towards Artificial General Intelligence.

Our interdisciplinary Centre also addresses the challenges of Computational Intelligence for complex real-world problems and its consequences in our society, ethics, human enhancement, and creativity.

The students will have access to world leading research facilities in Computational Intelligence.

Our members are experts in various areas of Computational Intelligence and Explainable AI, ensuring a diverse range of research and expertise. Some of the topics our team covers include theory, design, development and applications of biologically, socially and linguistically-motivated computational paradigms emphasising evolutionary systems, deep neural networks, soft computing, explainable artificial intelligence, and hybrid intelligent systems, in which these paradigms are contained. The Centre also encompass three special interest groups in Smart Health Technologies, Intelligent Connected Societies and Consumer Neuroscience.

We pride ourselves on offering a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for our PhD students, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in their research endeavours.