Studying the earliest years

At the University of Essex Babylab, we study how infants and children learn and develop.

Image of a babylab baby smilingWe create fun studies that help us discover:

If you are pregnant or have a baby or a child under 3 years old, and you are interested in taking part in our research please sign up.

You can view FAQs for more information about visiting Babylab. You can also give us a call on 07949 005 933, send us an email at, or send us a private message through our Facebook page.

We are very grateful for your support – without your participation we would not be able complete our projects and make new discoveries that help increase our understanding of cognitive and social development in the first few years of life.

We always welcome applications from keen students interested in working on infant and child development. See Meet the Team to learn more about us and check out join the team for more information about joining the Essex Babylab.

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Coffee mornings

Past events

26th March 2022 - Fourth trimester: why are babies so needy? Dr Maria Laura Filippetti; UK Babies

23rd April 2022 - Preparing to parenthood Dr Silvia Rigato; Babybrains

28th May 2022 - What makes babies happy? Dr Caspar Addyman

24th July 2022 -  Learn, Sleep, Repeat! Dr Teodora Gliga; Calm Sleep

27th August 2022 - The Power of Touch Dr Charlotte Krahé; Beautiful Bonds

17th September 2022 - Caring Dads: Navigating fatherhood Dr Pascal Vritcka; Nigel Clarke (Dadvengers)

29th October 2022 - Baby Talk: from signs to words Dr Clare Delle Luche; TinyTalk MidEssex

10th December 2022 - Healthy eating in the early years Dr Rana Conway; Dr Florence Sheen; Your Family Nutritionist

20th January 2023 - Little Drummers: Musicality in Babies Dr Sinead Rocha; Baby Rhythm Time

25th February 2023 - Sensory Wonders: The science of infant sensory play Dr Carina De Klerk; Baby Sensory Colchester

19th June 2023 - Baby sleep Karina Luz Moore; Samantha Evans

17th July 2023 - Feeding and eating Dr Liam Chawner; Early Years Nutritionist

Upcoming events

20th August 2023 - Words and rhythm

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Take part in our research

We are always looking for parents interested in taking part in our studies with their babies! If you are pregnant, or have a baby or a child under 3 years old, and you are interested in taking part in our research, please sign-up today.

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