Report a fire safety concern

It is vital that we maintain high standards of fire safety on our premises, for the protection of the lives of our staff, students and other premises users, and to minimise damage from the spread of fire.

Who to contact

Please report fire safety concerns to the manager responsible for the area or activity. If your concerns relate to the premises (eg a faulty fire door), contact your campus's estate/facilities helpdesk:

Please also inform our fire safety officers by emailing,

Issues to be reported urgently

  • Interference with, removal of or damage to fire detection, alarm or fire fighting equipment.
  • Fire doors which do not close fully when released from any position, or have been left wedged open.
  • Anything which may obstruct escape routes or delay evacuation (eg items stored in escape routes, fire exits blocked).
  • Concerns about control of fire risk, such as:
    • leaving potentially combustible waste materials in corridors or close to the building
    • poorly managed or stored combustible/flammable materials
    • use of naked flames
    • unauthorised use of heat producing appliances, such as heaters
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