As part of your experience at Essex, we encourage you to be bold, question and acknowledge that there are some things you don’t know. We also want you to benefit from the wisdom and experience of those students or alumni who have been down a similar path.

Undergraduate mentoring

Undergraduate peer mentoring

Once you've arrived at Essex, you can have a peer mentor – a fellow undergraduate student who can help you to settle into life here.

Departmental Peer Mentor Coordinators

A Peer Mentor Coordinator is a staff member responsible for overseeing peer mentoring arrangements within your department, school or centre.

Training and guides for peer mentors

Find out about the role of being a peer mentor.

Postgraduate mentoring

Postgraduate mentoring

Discuss living and studying as a postgraduate at Essex with current, more experienced, postgraduate students.

Being a postgraduate mentor

The role of a mentor is ideal if you're looking to volunteer and get great experience to add to your CV.