Mental and emotional health

Everyone has mental health – sometimes good, sometimes not so good. If you're experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings there is help available at the University.

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Wellbeing Wednesdays are sessions which provide staff and students an opportunity to take a break from their day and focus on their own wellbeing.

Get help and support

Help and support for mental and emotional health

Help and support is available at the University if you are experiencing emotional distress or have a diagnosed mental health difficulty.

Concern about a friend's mental health

If you are concerned that a friend or flatmate may be experiencing some mental health difficulties, there are a number of ways you may be able to help them.


If you're experiencing mental health or emotional difficulties, counselling can provide a safe space for you to talk through and explore your feelings.

SilverCloud - online mental health programme

If you're worried, feeling low or stressed, or finding it hard to sleep, you may want to explore our online mental health programme from SilverCloud.

Mental and emotional health difficulties

Anxiety and low mood

Support is available to you if you feel anxious, low or depressed.

Coping with life at University

University can be an exciting experience, but sometimes you may feel homesick, worried about money, pressures of study or that you're 'not fitting in'.

Dealing with homesickness

Feelings of homesickness are very common and usually subside as you begin to settle into your new life at university.

Exam anxiety

Exam anxiety before an exam

It's natural to feel nervous before an exam. Find out what you can do to help calm your anxiety.

Managing anxiety in exams

Find out what you can do to help reduce your anxiety whilst in an exam.


Causes and signs of stress

Find out what the causes are of stress and how you can recognise the symptoms.

Managing and coping with stress

Find out what you can do to manage the causes and symptoms of stress.

Wellbeing events
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