Travel and transport

Travelling to Campus Information

Getting to and around campus

All you need to know about travelling to and getting around our campuses.

Airport transfer service to Colchester and Southend campuses

A coach transfer service will be available at the start of term from London airports to our Colchester Campus

Pedestrian-only zone at Colchester Campus

Find out where you can and can't use portable modes of transport while on campus.

Adverse weather

This guidance outlines what staff and students need to know in the event of adverse weather conditions such as snow.

Sustainable transport initiatives

Walking - Colchester

Enjoy all the benefits of walking at our award-winning Wivenhoe Park and in the city of Colchester and surrounding areas.

Walking - Loughton

Our Loughton Campus is close to the stunning Epping Forest, the largest open space in London.

Walking - Southend

Southend offers an eclectic array of settings to stroll through, from picturesque coastlines to vibrant urban landscapes and serene countryside.

Sustainable transport initiatives

Our sustainable transport initiatives promote schemes and incentives to help our students and staff walk, cycle and use public transport.

Discounted bus travel

Bus travel discounts in and around Colchester

Bus travel discounts in and around Colchester

Bus travel discounts in and around Southend

Bus travel discounts in and around Southend

Discounted rail travel

Discounted train travel

A range of discounts are available for students travelling to campus by train.

Discounted Travel in London

Discounted travel in London

If you are 18 or over and live in London during term time, you can save 30% on Transport for London travel with the 18+ Oyster Card.


Cycling facilities at Colchester Campus

Check out the cycling facilities at Colchester Campus.

Cycling facilities at Southend Campus

Check out the facilities at Southend Campus

Cycling, scooters and similar modes of transport - campus rules

If you're cycling on campus, please make sure you know the rules.

Cycle removal

Make sure your bike is tagged before our annual cycle removal.

Car travel and parking

Electric vehicle charging

Twelve electric vehicle charging points are available on our Colchester Campus, find out how to access them.

Parking for students at Colchester Campus

Find out where you can park and how to register your car for parking.

Parking permit registration

Registering your vehicle entitles you to cheaper pay and display parking charges.

Daily parking charges

Daily parking charges apply to all motor vehicles during term time.

Disabled student parking

If you are a disabled driver you can apply for a parking space near your residence and under the podia.

Parking at Loughton Campus

Parking options at our Loughton Campus

Parking at Southend Campus

Car parking options at our Southend Campus.

Parking and traffic management

Read our rules on parking, and information on parking tickets at our Colchester Campus.


Low-cost short-term accommodation on campus

To support students who may live some distance from campus and may wish to stay with us to avoid unnecessary commuting, short term accommodation can be arranged.