Parking and traffic management

If you decide to park on our Colchester Campus then you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions for cycling, driving, parking and registering. You’re responsible for paying for parking and parking appropriately.

These rules support the University’s travel plan and ensure the safety and availability of spaces, where possible, in the car parks. It also ensures that there is a clear and fair process for parking on campus.

The University is private property. On every entrance (at either end of Boundary Road and on Capon Road) there is a contract to enter sign with details of our parking rules in each car park and at the pay stations.

Barrier management

Boundary Road and Capon Road barriers

The barriers control the flow of traffic for the consideration of student and staff safety. Only buses, emergency vehicles and designated University vehicles can travel through the barrier controlled areas of campus. The only exceptions are at the very beginning of the academic year or for specific events requiring access. 

Accommodation barriers

For the health and safety of pedestrians in and around student accommodation areas barriers have been put in place to restrict the volume of traffic. Only designated University, registered disabled, emergency and required contractors vehicles are allowed permanent access. 

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