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IT services

Important information - We have updated guidelines to support students coming on to campus. Before coming to use any University facility please read our information about coming onto campus.

Getting started with IT

New to Essex? Start here! Get set up with email, wifi, free software and more.

Account and password

Closure or expiry of IT accounts

When your IT account will close and what to do before it closes.

Your student IT account

Manage your student IT account, password, external email address, passphrase and security questions.

Change your password

How to change your Essex IT account password.

Computers on campus

High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster

We provide a specialist high performance computing service.

Computers on campus

Locations and opening times for computer labs on campus.


Mailing lists

Discover what mailing lists we have at Essex and how to join or leave them.

Phishing attacks

What is phishing, how to spot and report it, and what to do if you've already responded.

Email forwarding

Find out how to automatically forward your University emails to another email account.

Access your email

How to access your University email account.

File storage

Box file storage and collaboration

Box is the University’s official cloud storage and collaboration platform for staff and students.

Recovering lost files

How to recover or restore lost or deleted files and folders

Accessing your M: Drive off campus

How to access your M:Drive off campus.

Home Directory (M Drive)

Store data and documents and access them anywhere on campus.

Help and support

IT Helpdesk

How to get in contact with the IT Helpdesk.

Assistive technologies for students

Assistive technologies provide essential accessibility to computers for those with significant vision, hearing, dexterity and mobility, language and communication, or learning needs.

Learning remotely from home or off campus

Information about using University IT from home or off campus

Print, copy and scan

Printing for students

Information about printing, scanning and photocopying on campus.

Software and apps

EndNote - reference management software

How to obtain and use EndNote reference management software.

Software Hub

All software in one place, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Office 365

Get the latest version of Microsoft Office, for free!

Qualtrics survey tool

Qualtrics is the preferred survey tool at the University of Essex.

Wifi and internet

Connect to eduroam wifi

eduroam provides free wifi and internet access for all staff and students.

Contact us
Contact us
IT Helpdesk The IT Helpdesk is your first point of contact for all problems and queries relating to our services.