Medical support and healthcare

Support and advice to help you to stay healthy.


Support for students with diabetes

Information and support for students with diabetes.

Registering with a doctor

Don’t wait until you become ill to register with a doctor.

Health centre at Colchester Campus

The health centre at Colchester Campus offers appointments for a range of NHS services.

Paying for prescriptions and medical treatment

You may be entitled to full or partial exemption (on the grounds of low income) from prescription costs, as well as dental and optical charges.

Dental treatment

We recommend you find and register with a local dentist while you're at University.

Alcohol and drugs

Help keep you and your friends safe: get the facts and advice about drinking alcohol and taking drugs.



If you are physically or mentally unwell make sure you get support from the appropriate healthcare services.

Measles, mumps and rubella

If you believe you have contracted measles, mumps or rubella, please see our advice.


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of meningitis get medical help immediately.


Pregnancy testing and support

Pregnancy testing and support are available at your campus.

Pregnancy and your studies

If you are pregnant, you are protected under the Equality Act 2010 and are encouraged to contact the accessibility team.

Pregnancy and funding

There are a number of financial options available to support you once you know that you are pregnant.

Baby loss

Information and support for those who have experienced the death of a baby during their pregnancy, or during or after birth.