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Studying abroad will offer you tons of experience in a different environment. Not only will it enrich your academic experience,  it will also give you the chance to get to know another country and culture in a way that's not always possible as a tourist.

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Why study abroad?
  • See the world. Explore a different country and culture to enhance your global outlook
  • Study something new, somewhere new! Develop a new perspective on your studies 
  • Boost your employability with the transferable skills and unique experiences you can share with employers

Learning a language

Did you know? You don't have to be fluent in another language to study abroad. Most of our partner institutions offer modules in English. There is always the option to study the local language, either in extra-curricular language classes or even in for-credit modules.

There are also different ways you can learn a language at Essex. This will not only expand your options for studying and working or volunteering abroad, it will increase your global and cultural awareness, give you confidence when going abroad and give you a competitive edge when you’re looking for a job.

Please note, that you normally need evidence of advance language level to study in the local language so most of the options below will be for social benefit.

Your options for learning a language at Essex include: 

  • Choosing a credit-bearing language module as part of your degree - check if your course allows for an outside option
  • Studying languages as your main degree
  • Get to know international students or incoming exchange students that are studying at Essex as part of their exchange programme
  • Take part in a summer school immersion programme based on learning the local language
  • Take part in the award-winning Languages for All programme
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We run lots of different sessions throughout the year to provide you with essential information about going abroad. From first year and second year briefings to funding chats and country low-downs, we've got it covered.

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