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There's a world of opportunities at Essex and this is one of them. Study abroad for a year or term and go global with your degree. 

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What can I do?

Year abroad

Add an additional year on to your degree and spend it at one of our 150+ partner universities. You'll go abroad in the third year of your studies and and return to Essex to complete your final year.

Term abroad

A term abroad is not available across all departments as it has a much bigger impact on your degree outcome.  You can check if your department offers a term abroad on our how to apply pages.   You should discuss this option with your department or a member of the Essex Abroad team.


Please check our how to apply pages for eligibility for study abroad.

Where can I go?

There is a big world out there waiting for you to explore! At Essex, we're partnered with over 150 partner institutions in 40 countries worldwide.

Check out our exchange finder to kick start the search for an adventure now!


Use our exchange finder now

Our exchange finder is the main tool where you can research our partner universities abroad. It includes links to partner university websites which will help you research the modules available, the language classes are taught in and lots of other useful information such as credit loads and term dates.

TOP TIP - For an initial search you don't need to complete all of the fields in the search. We suggest using the faculty/department field to filter by the department you are studying in at Essex.

International Student Exchange Programme (ISEP)

Essex is a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). ISEP is a US based provider which offers students access to a wider exchange network comprising of over 200 participating universities globally.  You can find out more about ISEP and how to apply listing ISEP as an option on our ISEP pages

Alternatively, have a look at our partner universities on Issuu.

"My exchange year in Singapore was one of the best years of my life. I decided to go to Singapore for multiple reasons, firstly because the university is highly recognised, and given the opportunity, I thought it would be a fantastic experience. The level of academic excellence was highly inspiring and motivating, and I benefited greatly from many new impulses and ways of studying. The university’s focus on group work has significantly improved my teamwork and presentation skills, skills that will be very beneficial later in life.  I also chose Singapore for the experience of moving to a country very different from my own. Singapore is a culturally diverse country, a melting pot of people from all over Asia. I’m so lucky to have experienced such a diversity, now having friends from all over the world"
Ingrid Esperø Nanyang technological university, Singapore, 2018-19
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We run lots of different sessions throughout the year to provide you with essential information about going abroad. From first year and second year briefings to funding chats and country low-downs, we've got it covered.