Study Abroad

Departmental Study Abroad Officers

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Every department has a Departmental Study Abroad Officer (DSAO), and they will be your contact for academic guidance and approval throughout your study abroad journey. You will need to meet with them to discuss your initial university choices before submitting your application to ensure they are suitable. 

Before and while you’re abroad, you will also consult with them regarding your module choices – your DSAO must approve the modules you study abroad.

Joint Degrees

If you are studying for a joint degree, for example Politics with Modern Languages, you will need to speak to DSAOs from both departments.

* For Essex Business School modules please contact the correct DSAO for your module (Finance, Accounting or Marketing and Management) as listed above.
* For Health and Social Care modules please contact the correct DSAO for your module (Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Occupational Health, or Social Work) as listed above. For Nursing please contact Essex Abroad via 

Request from Interdisciplinary Studies Centre 

ISC students should contact their Course Director for advice, since it is each specific academic that must approve module choices and sign any forms.  You can find your course director and their contact details on Moodle.